Selling & Supporting Via Social Media
Social Media can be used by more than the marketing team. Social is a key avenue for customer service and it is an important tool for sales representatives.

Incorporating built-in customer support in your mobile apps can turn negative reviews and comments into positive ones, leading to happier customers and broader adoption.

Patterns for Successful Collaboration
Check out these 12 strategies for successful collaboration and dive into how to best determine ROI on your collaborative technologies.

Strategic SharePoint
In preparation for the SharePoint 2012 Conference this month, we bring you Work, Play, Tablet, PC: Welcome to the New Microsoft and SharePoint Deployments Increase Despite Rising Costs, Staff Shortages. Watch for our special coverage of the event.

Analyst Report: Why Customer Experience is the New Marketing
Understand the present imperatives of Customer Experience Management and the new role of Web Content Management.
> Download the Report Here

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