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Trying to be the single solution for all things customer experience (CXM) is a fool's errand. Smart software vendors know this and are building their products and data for ease of integration.

But beyond the lofty goals of CXM, integration opens product lifecycle horizons by allowing software to automatically evolve as the integrated tools evolve. This is worth reflecting on.

In an up-coming webinar on Wednesday November 9th, Melissa Webster, VP of Content & Digital Media at IDC, will look at how Web CMS integration strategies are impacting the lives of digital marketers and content managers.

During this event you will:

  • Learn about current Customer Experience and Web Experience market trends 
  • Discuss the latest integration possibilities with portals, cloud and customer experience tools
  • See examples of SAP, IBM, Liferay, SharePoint integrations
  • See examples of 3rd party app integration via an AppCenter framework for Web CMS

Don't miss this valuable opportunity for a quick scan of the Customer Experience space and the lowdown on how integration can directly impact your bottom line. Register here for the event.