The year is off to a fast start for free and open source content management system (CMS) vendors, with plenty of updates, meetings and more. We're sharing the latest updates — and inviting everyone with FOSS CMS news to drop us a line. We'll include you in our next monthly column.


Sometime this year, Drupal is expected to unleash the latest version of its CMS, Drupal 8. Why should you care? Project manager Tim Tufts said there are several key new features in what is already being touted as the most business ready version of Drupal yet.

  1. Manage your site's content from your phone: The Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative is a group effort to increase the functionality of Drupal 8 on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.
  2. Increased multilingual functionality: You’ll be able to not only translate a page’s content for a specific language, but also build views and determine what blocks should appear for that language.
  3. Built around HTML5: Drupal creator Dries Buytaert said that will provide a better user experience on both desktop and mobile devices, and could lead to a convergence between native applications and the mobile web.


Hippo will implement "a shiny new look and feel" this year with updates offering more experience management and enterprise features. The company also entered a partnership with networked European software and solutions company ISDC, which will result in more Java developers in ISDC locations in Romania and Bulgaria who will be trained in implementing Hippo CMS.

Earlier this month, Robert Rose, senior analyst at Digital Clarity Group, presented a webcast for Hippo on five customer experience innovations that will really take off in 2014. You can watch it here.


Jahia also had a webinar, which detailed how to integrate Alfresco and Jahia, "the two major open source solutions in your intranet." It showed how a best of breed approach — "using the best Java CXM with the best Java document  management system" — could optimize results.

Tomorrow and Friday, the company is hosting JahiaOne, an international user conference in Paris. It's designed for Jahia developers, users, clients and partners to meet, share their experience and discover Jahia's upcoming versions.


Joomla has a number of upcoming events:


With the long-term support release 5.8 of the Nuxeo Platform launched, the company is focusing on its next major version with a series of fast-track releases. In late December, it released Fast Track release 5.9.1. While primarily a technical release, it also included two new features:

  • Mule ESB Connector: A lightweight enterprise service bus allows developers to connect applications together and share data. There is a webinar Feb. 12 to explain how to use the Mule ESB Connector. You can register for this free webinar now.
  • iOS SDK: A new iOS SDK enables developers to connect iOS applications to the Nuxeo Platform through the REST API.

The next Nuxeo Tech Talk will be held Feb. 13 in Paris. Nuxeo will also be attending Cloud Expo Europe Feb. 26 and 27 in London.


With the release of TYPO3 Neos 1.0 in December, the TYPO3 project is no longer only one enterprise CMS, but now consists of two CMSs and a PHP framework called Flow. TYPO3 Neos, the next generation CMS from the TYPO3 community, is based on the TYPO3 Flow PHP framework. Relatively young, it had its version 2.1 released together with Neos 1.0. The Flow framework was specifically developed as a basis for this CMS. You can learn more about it in the following video:

The TYPO3 community is working on the next Long Term Support version, TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS, which will be released on March 25.


WordPress automatically updated installations to version 3.8.1 the evening of Jan. 23 and provided users with bug fixes and stability updates. The 3.8.1 release is the first update to the WordPress 3.8 platform, which was released in mid December. There are now nearly 75 million WordPress powered sites in the world.