With almost one-third of enterprise content consisting of multimedia digital assets, the need to cost effectively and reliably manage this information is becoming more urgent. Belgium based, ADAM (news,site) software, is positioning itself to meet this need. Earlier this month, ADAM announced the opening of its first US-based office located in New York, led by Dagbert Sansen, newly appointed US Sales Manager. 

What is DAM

Digital asset management (DAM), sometimes termed Media Asset Management (MAM), is a component of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). DAM includes the systems and processes for lifecycle management of single and composite multimedia digital assets including high-resolution images, audio, video and animation. Contrary to the views of casual observers, DAM is quite different from web content management (WCM). DAM addresses all output channels, while WCM exclusively focuses on media intended for web publication. DAM can however, be used as a media source for web content management tools as well.

The Market

Despite the growth in importance of multimedia content, most organizations do not have a holistic strategy for managing digital assets. They try to either force management into ECM and WCM platforms or take a siloed, an application-centric approach to DAM. This method is inefficient and costly, and ultimately, it does not meet enterprise needs.

There are solutions however. In fact, there is an entire market of solutions. At first glance, the DAM market appears to be large, but there are actually very few “pure play” vendors focusing only on DAM. ADAM software is one of these vendors.

The Platform

ADAM software, used by companies including Microsoft, Bridgestone and Staples, provides a componentized product with numerous extension points to develop solutions such as:

  • Web-to-Print
  • Remote Proofing
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)
  • Packaging workflow
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • e-Catalog Solutions
  • Brand management
  • Multi-channel communications


the ADAM platform

The platform, developed using Microsoft .NET, functions on Apple and PC-based systems. The client tools are browser-based, but the product also has plug-ins for:

  • Adobe Version Cue®
  • InDesign® PageBuilder
  • Microsoft Office
  • Kodak Smart Review System
  • SDL Tridion R5
  • Caslonflow (Switch)

The plug-ins improve productivity by reducing the need to switch between applications. In addition to client-side integration, ADAM also supports connectivity to server-based products including SharePoint .

ADAM intends to improve responsiveness to U.S. customers and better compete with North American rivals MediaBeacon (news,site) and North Plains (news,site).

Organizations that have recognized the need to manage digital assets, but want a partner with a local presence, now have one more option with ADAM’s arrival to the Big Apple.