Amazon added support for Adobe Flash Media Server 4 (news, site) on its Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Flash Popping Up Everywhere

In the same day that we reported on Flash becoming available on the iPad via Skyfire, Flash Media Server (FMS) is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer Flash creation and distribution through the cloud. FMS is a tool for media delivery, with a range of Streaming, Interactive and Enterprise Server products, the biggest version of which is now available via AWS.

The new Amazon partnership allows Adobe to offer Flash serving with all the features of the Enterprise FMS version (that launched back in September) but with minimal upfront cost. This makes it ideal for smaller businesses, with just a US$ 5 per month charge plus data costs starting as low as US$ 0.44 an hour. 

Served from the Cloud

Flash Media Server can help creatives build various experiences -- from video to games to presentations -- with easy deployment, a simple billing system and no servers to manage. Features of Flash Media Enterprise Server 4 include the ability to multicast streams and use live packaging with dynamic streaming for high-quality playback.

It also has tools to reduce bandwidth use, stream Flash applications to multiple users and can provide gaming developers, social media types and creative businesses with a new way to power their messages.

The service is live now for North American and APAC users, all backed up with Amazon's mighty fleet of servers, service-level agreements and uptime arrangements.

One last note. There will be no costs for future upgrades -- something long-serving license buyers might appreciate.