There's no business like show business. On the back end of all the broadcasting fun, though, lies the ubiquitous digital asset management problem -- a problem akin to having too may DVDs, nowhere to store them and nothing good enough to play them on. On a much larger scale, that is. Artesia Digital Media Group, a DAM vendor acquired by Open Text three years ago, just got snuggly with Front Porch Digital, a global market leader in content storage management solutions for the broadcast community. Together they'll provide customers with an integrated video management and storage solution. “The integration of Artesia DAM and Front Porch DIVArchive solutions is a significant move towards meeting the unique storage and access requirements associated with broadcast video content,” said President Scott Bowen of Artesia Digital Media Group. “Our customers have some of the most substantial video repositories in terms of volume and usage.” Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive, a middleware solution that enables interoperability between digital media storage devices, video servers, editing systems and digital media workflow applications, looked to Artesia like the perfect response to a number of challenges unique to the digital asset management industry. Global media companies need strong digital asset management capabilities to enable efficient collaboration, distribution and reuse. There are also a number of challenges that riddle the process of storing, archiving and retrieving video content from repositories that need large amounts of (ideally inexpensive) storage optimized for broadcast media workflows. The partnership between Artesia and Front Porch enable users to take in and retrieve large video files to and from the Front Porch Digital DIVArchive through Artesia DAM. Customers can also more effectively manage, hunt and retrieve content from their archive stores, however large and complex they may be. Video-centric enterprises like The Freedom Forum, Discovery Communications and CanWest will find the combination particularly critical to their overall media and storage strategy. The partnership puts enterprise content management firm Open Text in a competitive position in the digital asset management world, which is really only building its own stride in the last few years, alongside the burgeoning growth of high-speed Internet use.