Antivirus vendor AVG (news, site) is broadening its scope by offering cloud storage with its new LiveKive data backup service.

Protect, Serve

Minor confession: I love AVG; any time a relative had been virused, I would always install the free version of its antivirus product on their machine to make the nasties go away and make sure they didn't come back. So, it's good to see the company expanding, and the new LiveKive, despite the dodgy road-crash of a name, is something I'd probably recommend to your Web 2.0 friends too.

It's coming in at US$ 49.99 for 25GB storage, US$ 59.99 for 50GB or a cool (limited offer) of US$ 79.99 for unlimited storage, all yearly rates. It allows anyone to start dumping their digital valuables in an encrypted, cloud store for convenient remote storage, disaster recovery and access from a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Big Filing Cabinets

25GB is more than enough to store all my own collection of music and digital photos, and the current offer means that anyone with vast amounts of video could do the same. Small businesses will find the prices are more competitive than existing players such as box.net, but that could change at the drop of a hat.

You can use the 30-day free trial to give the service a whirl at no risk. Installation is via a signup process and a download (17Mb for Windows, 30Mb for Mac). The app shows you what you currently use for your main content types, and with a couple of clicks, you can start backing up.


LiveKive: Quick and easy cloud storage

Sharing Your Stuff

Once uploaded, you can create sharing folders for others to gain access to your images or documents. You can also create different IDs and passwords to share different content with different people and the app gives a neat little room analogy to highlight how this works. You can also see and gain access to your files from your smartphone or tablet, for on-the-go access.


LiveKive: Helps share documents safely

Because you can link multiple machines to the same account, backing up the family data is straightforward to do and the app is full of useful extras such as a network health monitor so you can see how your backup is going from in the garden on a sunny day. Slick, convenient and easy to operate, anyone who worries about keeping their data in one place can use LiveKive and stop worrying.