Comcast's Richard Buchanan Kicks Off Henry Stewart DAM NY #damny

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Richard Buchanan, vice president of Comcast, kicked off the Henry Stewart DAM Conference (DAMNY) with akeynote speech about the changing environment of video on demand -- oneof Comcast's prime area of focus.

Comcast, with its many broadcasts channels (and, more recently, NBCUniversal) has a significant amount of experience with producing andproliferating digital content. Buchanan provided a number of insightsregarding the management and monetization of online media. Comcast hashad to learn how to make money off of its content in an age profligate,unauthorized copying. Buchanan stressed the importance of highlightingthe value of the content that you provide to your audience.

The Unknown Future of DAM

Today's challenges, according to Buchanan, are increasingly complex."The oracles do not always reveal themselves," Buchanan began, referringto the fact that try though pundits may, no one knows in whichdirection VOD will go. The best that companies can do, he stressed, isto position themselves for as many conceivable directions as possible.

Collaboration and Open-source Technologies

Buchanan highlighted that collaboration must extend beyond companies'own selfish gains. "Punishing can affect the punisher." Proprietaryinformation doesn't always lead to a strategic advantage, Buchananadded. Buchanan believes that, whenever possible, companies should useopen source technologies -- particularly if they provide flexibility andagility.

Diversify DAM Sources

Another critical aspect of GAN, Buchanan said in his keynote, is thatany DAM solution should be diverse. A DAM solution should manage allformats: HD, SD, 3D, as well as mobile devices.

To achieve this end, Comcast has been experimenting with personalizedmedia assets. Not only can journalists take video from their iPhonesand other portable media devices to record breaking news, but so too cancitizens. 

Learning Opportunities

Any companies' DAM solution should make it easy to find, view andrecommend content. "One half of adults and 80% of teams will be usingsocial media by the end of the year."

Finally, any companies' DAM solution should be fast and affordable.The ideal DAM, solution, according to Buchanan, would be adaptable,expandable and achieve hard and soft ROI goals. 

Soft ROI?

Buchanan explained what he meant by soft ROI goals by pointing outthat it is not uncommon for some assets to be free in one channel andfor sale in another channel. It is important, Buchanan said, tounderstand your audience to determine what should be free and whatshould be paid.

Buchanan closed by urging the audience to become Chief Supply Officers "We're all seeking the same solutions," Buchanan said.