The DAM Lowdown is back with news and notes from the digital asset management realm: New Partnerships for Dalet, New Educational Offerings from Widen, Canto Cumulus Meets E-Commerce, CNN Recognized at IBC2011, The Battle Between IT and End Users.

New Partnerships for Dalet

Media asset management (MAM) platform provider, Dalet, makes the headlines this week with new partnerships.

First of all, Dalet made the agenda at IBC2011 when it announced its partnership with DataDirect Networks to create a cloud-based archiving workflow offering. The new product combines Dalet Enterprise Edition with DataDirect Networks Web Object Scaler to distribute archive media across multiple geographic locations.

Secondly, Dalet gets into the TV business by partnering with EVS -- a vendor in digital video applications for live, near-live and studio television production. Specifically, multiple Dalet products (Sports Factory, News Suite, Media Life) combine with EVS XT series servers and IPDirector content management system to create new workflows for sports and news production.

New Educational Offerings From Widen

DAM Lowdown regular and DAM platform provider Widen is back this week with more free information for people new to the idea of digital asset management.

The first offering is hosted on the excellent and is titled, "The Four Corners of DAM." This piece is a new introduction to DAM and focuses on: Assets, Users, Workflow and Intelligence.

The companion offering is a whitepaper from John Horodyski titled: "A guide to the lifeblood of DAM: Key concepts and best practices for using metadata in digital asset management systems."

Canto Cumulus Meets E-Commerce

Canto, provider of the Cumulus DAM platform, releases an E-Commerce solution for said platform called Email Order System Pro (EOSP).

With EOSP, users can now order images and other digital assets through Canto Cumulus Sites, the Modula4 Web Module and legacy Canto web interfaces. Users can select file format and print size along with options for one-time payment or account creation.

EOSP supports English, German and Spanish with the ability to add more languages at any time.

CNN Recognized at IBC2011

Global network news provider CNN received the IBC Innovation Award for Content Management at this month's IBC2011 conference. CNN was recognized for its unified media asset management workflow using software from Vizrt, Ltd.

To create its enormous media ingest and media content management workflow, CNN uses Viz Ardome for media asset management and Viz Media Engine for video management and multi-platform distribution.

The Battle Between IT, End Users

As a mild-mannered IT manager myself, this piece from Chris Riley on AIIM's Expert blogs hits especially close to home. In the post, Riley posits that every battle over specific technologies within an organization can be boiled to a simple premise: End-Users vs. IT.

I think this discussion is particularly appropriate to the digital asset management community. The users of DAM platforms need features and functionality quickly, while the IT departments that support said users have to pick the right product for the enterprise and then support what can be nearly overwhelming complexity.

Twitter Shout-out of the Week

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