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DropBox has a huge target on its back. The cloud-based file sharing giant now has to face-off against Google's new Drive storage system in the already packed cloud storage space. Even in the face of such powerful competition, DropBox is rolling out more new photo features to go along with the many new updates already made in 2012.

DropBox has added a new Photos page and the ability to upload those photos from just about any device. The new Dropbox version 1.4 is available for download now, and it's just the latest in a slew of new features released just in April. So far this month, DropBox has, um, dropped:

  • New drag and drop feature for adding content to the cloud from the desktop
  • Sharable links for easy access to DropBox files without installing the app
  • A doubling of the amount of free storage space available for referring people to Dropbox
  • And now the new photo features

The Importance of Photo Sharing

Nothing is more sharable than a photo. Dog photos, classmate photos, party photos, candid photos; they all make the rounds on people's favorite social networks. And if you are working on digital assets for your clients, keeping them in one accessible, easy to organize space is not as easy as it could be.

DropBox wants to be that solution, and even though websites like Flickr and apps like iCloud are vying for the same users, only DropBox has the variable interface and diverse capabilities that are key to its success. While Flickr is great for photos, it's not a repository for other documents, and while iCloud is great for all kinds of content, it's only for iOS devices. 

Learning Opportunities


DropBox adds a new photo page and the ability to upload files from any device.

Camera Upload

As the above image shows, the minimalistic layout organizes the photos in a very Flickr-esque way. When new photos are uploaded to DropBox with Camera Upload, photos are grouped by month, and hovering over them will show the date. See full size versions and share/download them by clicking. As an added bonus, DropBox is throwing in 500 megabytes of free storage when you upload your first image with the new version.

Additionally, DropBox will add another 500 megabytes of free storage for every 500 megabytes users upload with Camera Upload (up to three gigabytes extra). Camera Upload will prompt you when a device is plugged in to the computer or if using the newest version of the Android app. Tell us in the comments if you think DropBox is on a roll or if you think they are doomed to irrelevance because of the new Google Drive system.