Most of us apply various forms of metadata when we create or manage content. This metadata helps make our brilliant creations findable. But text-based content has life easy -- search engines can also accurately index it. So findability is not so big of a challenge for text assets and parsable documents.

But the content we manage is not all text-based or parsable. We use a lot of opaque assets like video, audio and images. Indexing technologies cannot (yet) effectively crawl these items directly -- they must rely on the explicit application of metadata in order to derive the semantics and context which make the assets findable.

Choosing a great DAM solution is fine, but it's not going to solve all your findability and reuse problems. Thoughtful taxonomy development and the practical application of metadata is critical for such success. Towards this end, Earley & Associates are holding a free webinar -- part of their Digital Asset Management Jumpstart Series -- this Thursday.

Running on January 28 at 2pm ET the Practical Asset Reuse – The Role of Taxonomy and Metadata webinar will walk you through the ins and outs of taxonomies and metadata for digital assets. Stephanie Lemieux, Taxonomy Practice Lead at Earley and Associates and Diane Burley, Industry Specialist working with Nstein Technologies are two of the speakers in this session.

If making DAM work better is a priority in your organization, then head on over and register now.