Granicus Advances Government Transparency with Daystar

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Granicus Advances Government Transparency with Daystar
Granicus (news, site) announced the acquisition of Daystar Computer Systems this week, resulting in the combination of cloud-based government transparency tools and agenda management products. Together, the companies hope to boost innovation and enrich transparency, legislative workflows, and citizen collaboration.

For those unfamiliar, Legistar, Daystar's core product, provides tools that create, manage,track, and retain bills, ordinances, and other legislation, as well as generatemeeting agendas and minutes. Today, nearly 100government entities use Legistar to process data including votes, appointments, and other meeting actions.

Via the partnership, Legistar will be added to Granicus’ cloud platform as part of the Legislative Management Suite.

Learning Opportunities

Essentially, this means Government agencies will be able to use the Granicus platform to access Legistar's tools and streamline workflows. For instance, current policy actions, reports, and legislative histories can beintegrated with Granicus’ streaming video and live meetingmanagement tools.

“Granicus’ acquisition of Legistar opens many new opportunities to evolve democracy through technology,” said Javier Muniz CTO and Co-Founder of Granicus. “We’ll continue to deliver an open architecture to encourage innovation and compatibility with third party applications. Also, we’re going to be able to open up even more legislative metadata that will allow developers unprecedented access to the legislative process. It’s our hope that this data will enable a new generation of open government apps in the years to come.”