Live From New York - Key Factors in Enterprise DAM Selection #damny

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Theresa Regli, principal at The Real Story Group, spoke here at the Henry Stewart DAM event in New York, providing her in-depth insight to help companies get more out of their Digital Asset Management (DAM) initiatives. Her speech was engaging and enlightening, and provided a thorough analysis regarding the current challenges implementing an enterprise DAM strategy.

Regli does not believe it wise to jump into bed too quickly with DAM vendor. First give it thoughtful consideration, she cautions. Theresa strongly encourages strategic review -- especially of your internal and external mobile strategies -- prior to any official product intimacy.

"New channels are changing the technology and direction of DAM," Regli said. She continued, "We are here to engage people." According to Regli, DAM should deliver the right media to the right device at the right time. While that device may not always be an iPad, a DAM solution should be flexible enough to provide a fantastic user experience no matter what device the user is wielding.

"Strata" is Regli's new favorite word, she repeated this several times throughout her speech. By that, she means that there are different components to a successful DAM solution. A successful strategy brings together both the human and technical concerns.

Two Aspects of Mobile Asset Management

A successful mobile asset management (MAM) solution provides two things, according to Regli. A successful MAM both delivers media to mobile devices such as the iPad and the iPhone and also allows providers to manage media on the device itself. For example, you should be able to comfortably experience and manage assets when you're on the road.

Metadata: Go Beyond Text

Regli strongly believes that metadata should go beyond text. There should be several layers (or, if you will, "strata") of metadata. For example, in a video, this metadata includes color palettes, screenshots, and other visual indicators that the user can access while watching the video.

Learning Opportunities

UI: Not Shrunk, Re-thunk

While this speaker does not endorse any specific provider, she did provide a few insights into the decision process when picking a mobile app with which to manage your assets. The most important aspect of a DAM mobile app is support of multi-touch gestures, she said.

Many devices simply act exactly as a Mac, PC, or web app does. This does not cut the mobile mustard, according to Theresa -- mobile, gesture-based interfaces are much different. She also stressed the importance of real-time collaboration. Social DAM? We'll have to come back to that one.

Dealing With the Backlog

When Regli was asked how companies usually deal with a backlog of assets, she answered, "They don't," to audience laughter.

She explained that dealing with the backlog usually involves too much work for companies to go through, and that many companies that start fresh with a Digital Asset Management system find it much more compelling to go merrily forth with a tablua rasa.