The Real Story Group and the DAM Foundation announced the DAM Maturity Model (DAM3), a structured way to measure technology, human, information and system dimensions of DAM solutions.

DAM Grows Up

Digital asset management solutions providers have a new way to measure the maturity of their products and services. The Real Story Group and the DAM Foundation released DAM3 under Creative Commons and will formally introduce the model at the Henry Stewart DAM Event this week in New York. The DAM3 announcement explains:

Effective implementation of a DAM project includes addressing not just technology-related aspects, but also tackling those that relate to human, information and system dimensions. In fact, as with other large Enterprise Content Management (ECM) projects, a DAM implementation requires careful planning and development of a holistic strategy to address all such categories of challenge."

Real Story Group Principal Theresa Regli says that digital asset management success depends on complementary ingredients working together and maturing over time. "As a group we felt it necessary to develop a model that can act as a compass to guide enterprises toward the optimal states of technology, workflow and informational maturity," she explains.


According to the announcement, the DAM3 model proposes 16 dimensions of maturity under 3 categories. Dimensions under the Human category are:

  • IT Expertise
  • Business Expertise
  • Process
  • Alignment

The Information category covers:

Learning Opportunities

  • Asset
  • Metadata
  • Lifecycle
  • Governance
  • Re-use
  • Findability

And Systems dimensions are:

  • Sophistication
  • Adoption, DAM Use, simple to complex
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Integration, Linked Data, Linked Systems
  • Environment Planning

Whereas we humans progress from newborn through the teen years and on to a happy retirement, DAM systems move through 5 different maturity levels: unmanaged, incipient, formative, operational and optimal.

The companies behind DAM3 request feedback on how they can improve the model for your business. To download the free Maturity Model document, you'll need to provide your name and an email address.