North Plains Sees DAM Ecosystems with TeleScope
Eric Raymond once used the metaphor of the cathedral and the bazaar to describe closed source software versus open source software. Who would have thought that one day you could apply the same metaphor to the modern-day marketing department?

In the past, marketing was kept completely in-house and isolated not only from the outside world but also from other internal departments -- cathedral.

These days, marketing departments are run lean with a small team of people who depend on an ecosystem of internal and external partners to deliver an organization's message -- bazaar.

It is with this idea of ecosystems in mind that DAM vendor North Plains (news, site) announces the release of Version 9 of its flagship TeleScope platform.

New Version

Available in a SaaS configuration or installed on-premises, the new version of the TeleScope platform intends to help companies:

  • Create higher quality rich media messages
  • Increase the speed to market
  • Lower costs
  • Increase capacity

Those goals sound great but they are rather lofty. The immediate question is: How does North Plains intend to make them happen? The answer -- Through four enhancements to the platform:

  1. If ecosystems really are the present and future of marketing, then TeleScope enables this reality by securely connecting distributed partners and creative teams both inside and outside the firewall.
  2. Everything starts with user experience and digital asset management is no different. TeleScope version 9 includes a new HTML 5 user interface that is consistent across the user base. The new UI includes the ability to drag-and-drop files from the browser into desktop applications.
  3. The cornerstone to supporting a distributed ecosystem is workflow. TeleScope enables this with Orchestration, a visual workflow engine that coordinates collaboration and streamlines review, approval and multi-channel publishing processes.
  4. This new marketing landscape is multi-lingual as well. The new TeleScope platform addresses this by supporting left-to-right and right-to-left language displays along with supporting visualizing metadata in two or languages side-by-side for internationally distributed teams.

And There's More...

Along with enhancements described above, the new version of the TeleScope platform includes the following features:

  • Smart Catalogs: Dynamically find matching assets that are up-to-date
  • User Defined Portlets: Add websites and applications to your most accessed screens
  • Threaded Notes: Capture context in discussions around digital assets
  • Image Markup: Comment on images to support collaboration
  • QuickDrops: Drag-and-drop with automated file conversion and distribution workflows

If the idea of an ecosystem is not new to you, then I would never recommend ripping out processes that work for you and your organization. However, if you are wandering aimlessly through the avenues of your DAM bazaar, then it's worth looking to North Plains and the TeleScope platform for guidance.