Razuna: Open Source Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Open source DAM anyone? It has arrived -- an open source enterprise-level DAM system named Razuna. Fathered by a Swiss company called SixSigns, Razuna comes to the world with its latest release 1.1.2. Albeit a point release, this version has a lot to offer (to some scenarios).

What is Razuna

Razuna is an open source Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, which they also like to label Media Asset Management (MAM). Razuna has been released under the GPL Open Source license. It was introduced in June 2008. The company likes to mention a boastful 12,000 of worldwide downloads since then. Razuna is based on J2EE/CFML/SQL/XML standards (Ummm, how does that make them open source?). For existing users of DAM Razuna promises to help you ease your DAM pains with import and export tools. This DAM solution also promises to deliver the highest ROI and offer the lowest cost of introduction. Who doesn’t want to save money in this economic slump? IT, certainly, does. And Razuna, quite rationally, promises to “significantly reduce overall IT and production cost.” Downsizing it is… Security hasn’t been overlooked either. Razuna seems to be a good fit for enterprises and small and midsize businesses. It is platform-agnostic and can thrive in Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux.

Latest Razuna Release

Version 1.1.2 brings support for Gears and Custom Fields. These features will allow users to add and tag assets with custom values. Razuna is, thus, expanding on the already existing support for XMP for images and customization for documents and videos. Razuna promises “easy installation and immediate deployment.” It’s all done in the name of hassle-free Digital Asset Management. While we find it doubtful that one can run such a major operation “within minutes,” it is refreshing to see an open source player on the market that traditionally used to belong to licensed software bloodsuckers. Oh, wait! There’s also full support, record keeping, restoration, monitoring and automatic recovery.

Razuna DAM Features

While not a full-fledged DAM system that can be painlessly integrated with all your legacy, WCM, etc. systems; Razuna offers a good portion of features, including: * Management of digital assets in a variety of formats (Word, Excel, PDF, images, videos, etc.) * Digital repository search * Support for XMP/IPTC: Razuna can read the embedded XMP and IPTC fields in any image and write back that metadata into the image * Integrated Content Management: While there’s an integration, you can still hook up a different CMS “easily with Razuna trough the open API and the use of open standards” * Multilingual support: Razuna says, “You can have an unlimited amount of languages setup within the system, supporting you if you are going global.” * Security: Based on a J2EE Server technology (Tomcat/JBoss), which can be deployed behind Apache/IIS, Razuna also offers additional security measures (users/groups/permissions).

Razuna Wants You to Get Things Done

Razuna claims to be “the first system which integrates the most common used features in one single and simple to use application.” Umm, sounds very familiar. Have we heard this elsewhere? You can download and deploy Razuna on your own. Once again, while not a DAM system in its classic enterprise sense, Razuna offers some DAM management for easier-to-chew scenarios. We haven’t tried integrating it with any existing and commonly used CMSs to tell you that side of the story. Have you? Let us know.