Developers can leverage WebDAM's REST API to tailor third-party applications for their unique digital asset management needs. WebDAM Solutions provides online tools for storing, managing, archiving, searching, retrieving and distributing digital files.

“Digital content is growing exponentially for businesses of all sizes and WebDAM helps them gain control and manage this content more efficiently in the cloud," says Steve Rabkin, CEO and Co-Founder of WebDAM Solutions. "With the new API, marketing and brand assets managed in WebDAM can be integrated with third-party systems for greater efficiency in common workflows like publishing content to the web. We have already seen small and large businesses, like marketing firms and ad departments, benefit from the WebDAM API," he adds.

API in Action

Ron Selvey, Marketing Manager at WebDAM Solutions, offers an example of how a developer could streamline a process. In the past, a WebDAM user would need to download the piece of data they wanted, for example, send it to a translator and then manually put it back into WebDAM. With the new API, customers can automate the process to send a piece to translation and back again.

According to the announcement, WebDAM worked with customers such as the American College of Physicians and to develop and test the API. Kathy Knill Meyer, Senior Vice President at United States Equestrian Federation, says that the WebDAM API has helped the organization create an automated environment between managing their media files and running their interactive USEF Network website.

DAM Focus

In 2010, Spitfire Photo rebranded itself as WebDAM Solutions and began focusing on digital asset management, a topic that just keeps getting hotter. In fact, we looked at DAM as a content management surprise of 2011, calling it the topic du jour for digital marketers. "As organizations look to build engaging experiences -- including video and targeted multimedia banners, teasers and ads for different campaigns, segments and geos -- DAM becomes less a departmental system for internal efficiencies and more an enterprise platform for fueling new online marketing campaigns," explained our author, Kevin Cochrane.

New DAM technologies that make it easier to streamline the process of storing, retrieving and leveraging digital assets will continue to make headlines as the wealth of digital data piles up within organizations. Collaboration with digital assets is also a growing area in DAM. Expect to hear more about WebDAM's new REST API in the near future as it works with Box and other vendors to integrate their solutions.