Document Management Roll-up: EntropySoft Connects Repositories, Improved Office Apps for Blackberry?

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Busy, Busy, Busy. Labour Day weekend over and right back into it. This week document capture features quite large, with a couple of new solutions and Kofax hitting the high notes with its end-of-year figures. Hyland Software has also been looking at document and content security.

EntropySoft Connects Document Repositories

First this week, content integration vendor EntropySoft (news, site) has just announced the release of its Content Hub Appliance. Content Hub Appliance (CHA) is a single platform that provides out-of-the-box connectivity for over 30 applications.

It does this by enabling administrators to connect enterprises document repositories to the Content Hub Appliance, which facilitates the easy transfer of documents across the enterprise.

And there are no limits to the amount of information that can be interconnected. With CHA, repositories become available to all applications producing content across the enterprise and provides a single point of access to all the connected repositories through the EntropySoft Web Services, CMIS (Web Services and REST implementations), Java, Java remote and .Net.

In particular, with considerable experience with document management development in large corporations, CHA will be able to connect document management systems to any archiving platform as well as synchronize two document repositories using content transfer bridge templates.

It can be downloaded from EntropySoft’s support site and only takes minimal installation and configuration.EntropySoft offers a monthly subscription basis and a pay-as-you-use model. Want to find out more check out the video.

RIM To Improve BlackBerry Office Apps?

For those with BlackBerries, enhanced performance from both Office and Exchange could be on the way with news (as yet unconfirmed by the company) that BlackBerry makerResearch in Motion (RIM) has just bought mobile Office and Exchange support software maker DataViz.

The figure being tossed about the Web for the acquisition of the Documents To Go vendor is US$ 50 million, which is probably not a lot to pay for a little edge when you look at what BlackBerry is competing with at the moment.

Both companies are being irritatingly quiet about the deal, but some are citing the fact that DataViz has also announced that it will no longer provide a webOS version of Documents To Go as evidence that it will be concentrating on BlackBerry and, of course, that it has been bought out.

Why RIM (news, site) would go and spend millions on DataViz rather that approaching Microsoft and working with them is also a mystery, but no doubt the details will be in the small print -- if anyone actually gets to see that.

Document Capture Spending Rise?

Sometimes in the rush to install a document management system, companies forget about how they will get their documents into the system once it is installed. While most come with document capture, it’s often the case that a better solution for specific needs can be brought in.

And it seems that many companies are doing just that. Spending on Document Capture software grew in 2009 by 2.1% to US$ 1.99 billion according to a new study by Harvey Spencer Associates (HSA). By 2013 HSA predicts this market will reach $3bn.

There are two main areas:

  • Ad-Hoc Imaging and Batch Imaging: The conversion on-demand of individual documents or of like-type batched documents from paper into indexed images -- declined by 1.9%.
  • Ad-Hoc Transaction (in-process) and Batch Transaction: Typically the capture and extraction of the data from paper and other document types grew by 7.1%.

HSA say the main reason for this is the expansion of capture into business process entry -- understanding and processing incoming electronic and paper documents, with little or no human intervention. This means that an entire transaction process can be automated regardless of whether it is received as an electronic transaction or as paper or fax.

Kofax Figures Bounce on Document Software

One such document capture company is Kofax (news, site) which provides business process automation solutions, and who is basking in the glow of some pretty good end-of-year figures to June 30.

Learning Opportunities

Profits were up 18 per cent in the period to US$ 26.6m (Stg£ 17m) with software revenues climbing 27 per cent year-on-year to US$ 216m (£160.06m), with the help of the 170 Systems acquisition in September 2009.

The figures also show that it now generates 46 per cent of its software license sales on a direct basis -- up from 28 per cent last year.

Hardware however, continues to be difficult with sales falling 1.7 per cent in the period to US$ 126.6m and profits dropping to US $1.8m from last year's US$ 8.8m. Seems the money really is in software.

Xerox to Rebrand DM

And maximizing revenues from document management software has also been high on the list of priorities at Xerox (newssite) which has just announced that it has decided to rebrand itself through a major ad campaign that will roll-out over the course of this year and carry over through 2011, as a business process management and document management company rather than one that just provides copiers.

While anyone working directly in the document management industry would be aware of Xerox’s substantial document management software products, and many more would be aware of the BPM significance of February’s ACS buy-out, Xerox is looking to change the mindset of many SMBs and enterprises that see the company as a provider of office hardware.

It's all about communicating the new Xerox in fresh and engaging ways to disrupt legacy perceptions of the Xerox brand, and turn up the volume on the breadth and depth of our services and technology," Chief Marketing Officer Christa Carone said.

The campaign, fully funded by Xerox, is targeting business people, particularly those with decision-making power and aims to raise the profile of ACS which it finally bought in February.

Hyland Integrates OnBase

Hyland Software (news, site) has also been introducing new ideas, this time with the integration of KOMpliance with OnBase. KOMpliance from KOM Networks, a Hyland OEM partner, is designed to secure, protect and enforce retention of electronic information, strengthen data security and leverage existing storage infrastructure.

According to the companies, much of the value of the integration derives from how it combines the familiarity of OnBase with a standard file system interface. This provides the simplicity of direct address access, secure storage and file protection using a standard file system. The word compliance just jumps out here.

Realtors Get Document Management

Finally, for realtors Sky Slope has announced real estate document management software that will direct and control all a company’s agents from anywhere around the world.

The real estate transaction management application allows companies to keep your agents updated about various transactions as well as working in the opposite direction where enterprises will also be automatically made aware of deals that have just been inked. From a document management view, the ability to share important transaction documents is the key.