Ademero Updates Document Management Software, Adds Enterprise Workflow
Florida-based Ademero (news, site)  is another company that has recently upgraded its workflow processes with the release of v5 of its Content Central document management software.

In fact, the whole release appears to be focusing on better processes rather than on the full bells-and-whistles features that are normally associated with a full point upgrade.

Ademero Upgrades

With so many different document management software packages on the market some of the minor upgrades to these systems often pass unnoticed.

Such is the case with Ademero, who announced the release last year of Content Central v4.6, but then disappeared below the radar to wait for a year before announcing a new fully fledged version 5 that contains these three significant upgrades.

With Content Central 4.6 last year three other new features were released, including:

  • Document Creation Interface which captured, stored, retrieved and managed documents as well as enabled users create new documents using the Capture Forms feature.
  • Data Integration with business applications called “Field Lookups” used by administrators to assign index-field values using data from other applications. Field Lookups works with any external data source added to the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) component.

Content Central v5

The release of v5 would appear to add some currency to the idea of sure and steady upgrades -- as we suggested with the v4.6 release -- rather than a big bang full of features that leaves you reaching for the indigestion pills!

Again, the focus seems to be on process this time with a new advanced workflow engine, enterprise-class approval processing and the document editing tool. Let’s look at them.

Advanced Workflow

The advanced workflow engine allows users implement unlimited rules for the automation of document workflow tasks and result in the automation of the more mundane document processes as well as speeding up the more business critical elements.

adermo_workflow process_2009.jpg

Ademero advanced workflow process

It works using a set of administrator controlled triggers that will initiate an action according to rules set by an administrator and can include actions as simple as notification when new documents enter the system, to more complex tasks like automatic email of specified documents to clients.

Enterprise-Class Approval Processing

An upgrade to the existing approval-processing engine now allows entire groups, or even several groups, enter the approval process as members and permissions to move processes forward can be designated to one member, group of members, or even group of groups. The overall effect is to give tighter control and security over those processes.

adermo_approval process_2009.jpg

Ademero approval process

One-Click Editing

The other major upgrade is the new document editing Windows application where documents can be checked out, downloaded with native application launch, edited and returned to the repository -- all with a single click. Documents that have been changed are also stored automatically as new versions.


Ademero one-click editing

This is not Documentum, or Interwoven, or Oracle, but neither does it come with the elevated price tags that these systems carry.

Aimed at the SMB sector, Ademero also promises to give you your money back if you’re not happy with it after a 30-day trial.