Ademero Releases Content Central v 4.6
Three releases so far this year and it’s not even Labor Day yet! Ademero Inc., a document management vendor, has released version 4.6 of Content Central -- its browser-based document management software. Both the Enterprise and Workgroup Editions of the product have been updated with a set of additional DMS features.

What’s New

Content Central 4.6 introduces several new features: * Document types-based layer * Document creation interface * Integration with business applications

Document Types Layer

Prior to the release of version 4.6, Content Central used to organize related collections of documents using Catalogs. Now one or more Document Types can be defined within those Catalogs. Each document record can be associated with an appropriate Document Type. This new feature moves Catalog components -- such as user access, index fields, workflow rules and retention policies -- to the document type level.

Document Creation Interface

Along with capturing, storing, retrieving and managing documents, Content Central now allows users to create new documents using the Capture Forms feature. Let’s say you want to create a new .pdf file based on a pre-uploaded form. The Capture Forms feature -- located within the GUI -- allows you to fill out the form's fields and submit it to the Content Central database. Content Central will compose a new .pdf document for you.

Data Integration with Business Applications

The new feature called “Field Lookups” can be used by administrators to assign index-field values using data from other applications. Field Lookups works with any external data source added to the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) component. Data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications can also be pulled into Content Central. As you can see, there is nothing groundbreaking in this release - just a set of simple and, hopefully, useful DMS features. Perhaps, the goal here is to have a series of frequent agile releases, as opposed to bagging it all into a one big release at a slower pace. Ademero Inc. offers a free trial download, if you want to check it out.