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  • Ademero Updates Document Management Software, Adds Enterprise Workflow

    Florida-based Ademero (news, site)  is another company that has recently upgraded its workflow processes with the release of v5 of its Content Central document management software. In fact, the whole release appears to be focusing on better processes rather than on the full bells-and-whistles features that are

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  • Ademero Releases Content Central 4.6

    Three releases so far this year and it’s not even Labor Day yet! Ademero Inc., a document management vendor, has released version 4.6 of Content Central -- its browser-based document management software.

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  • Ademero Inc. Gives Users What They Want

    Ademero Inc., a document management solutions company, has released version 4.5 of Content Central. Hard at work, evidently, as it was only back in January when they released version 4.1. Putting their qualitative research to use, this newest version of the browser-based DMS application adds several new features that

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  • Ademero Releases Content Central 4.1

    Ademero has announced the release of Content Central version 4.1, an update that adds many productivity-boosting features to this browser-based document management software application. One of the more exciting updates to Content Central is called Workflow rules, providing a means to automatically advance documents from one user to another.

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  • Content Central: the Latest New Kid on the DMS Block

    There is a new player in the document management game, and it goes by the name of Ademero, Inc. The latest release of its document management solution (DMS), Content Central version 3.5, intends to simplify the process of document capture, retrieval, and management.

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