Adamero adds productivity tools to Content Central
Ademero has announced the release of Content Central version 4.1, an update that adds many productivity-boosting features to this browser-based document management software application. One of the more exciting updates to Content Central is called Workflow rules, providing a means to automatically advance documents from one user to another. A method commonly used in approval processing, workflow lets users complete work-related tasks normally triggered by the content of documents. Users can approve or reject documents that arrive in their work queue using a user-friendly interface. Content Central expands the boundaries of the office by letting permitted users access documents for review, management and modification from any computer on the web. Content Central can also help businesses comply with state and federal document-retention regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Administrators can define the period of time documents should be retained. When they expire, they are automatically removed from the system. Ademero has also added the Zonal OCR engine, which extracts text from scanned document pages to automatically populate document property fields during the capture process. This feature will make for less data entry requirements, which means less human typing errors. Users can keep a complete revision history for each document, from content modifications up to document approval. A new XML capture engine lets both scanned images and electronic-document formats be captured with ease. An XML file describing the content type, document properties, and destination of a document can be dropped into the XML-based capture folder. All these features add up to a solid document management offering. Check out the Ademero site for more information.