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Tired of sifting through endless piles of paper documents, but the budget for a full featured document management system is still waiting for approval? If the answer is yes, Ademero hopes to ease your pain with its new Content Central Workgroup Edition (CCWE). With a document management application that is aimed at accommodating organizations with smaller budgets, Ademero just might be able to deliver your organization from the formidable wrath of the paper stack. Despite the lower price tag, CCWE manages to retain many of the features expected from more expensive applications. These features include document imaging, document retrieval and document management. CCWE is also a browser-based version of Ademero's flagship content management system, Content Central Enterprise Edition. The lightweight version is designed to work on any browser once the application is installed on the server. With CCWE, users can search for documents using the same techniques employed an internet search engine. A user can find documents by searching for any word contained in a document, even if the original document was in paper form. CCWE also allows users to find documents using custom fields such as document type, client name, or invoice number. “We’re very excited about the launch of this new product because it gives every organization—including the one or two-person firm—a fair opportunity to simplify its business practices,” said Manuel Montesino, director of marketing for Ademero, Inc. CCWE, along with annual maintenance and remote installation services, is available for direct purchase from the newly launched online store. This makes it convenient for a customer to locate, securely purchase, and implement a complete document management solution by merely visiting a single site. Ademero plans to add additional products and services to the store in the coming months. Visit the Adamero storefront for more info. Are you an Adamero user? We’d love to hear your thoughts on their latest offering. Drop us a comment and let us know what you think.