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There is a new player in the document management game, and it goes by the name of Ademero, Inc. The latest release of its document management solution (DMS), Content Central version 3.5, intends to simplify the process of document capture, retrieval, and management.Content Central works as a browser-based software solution that includes quite a few nifty features and abilities, including: Document Search. Experienced users can access information and search for documents the same way you would run an Internet search. New users needn’t be intimidated as searching for any word contained in a document, even if it was scanned in from paper form, will yield results. You can also search using custom fields such as client name, document type, or invoice number. Document Management. Users can edit, e-mail, and print documents along with the many other popular actions that are expected from a document management solution. Document Capture. Document scanning and electronic file capture are both available on Content Central. Paper documents scanned with a regular scanner will automatically be routed right into the platform. New additions to Content Central include an interesting, though perhaps excessive, feature called DirectScan, which allows the user to control standard document scanners through the browser. Documents scanned through the remote scanner can be captured to any available web browser that can connect to the document management software. Your scanner might be out of reach, but it won’t be out of your control! Adamero has also beefed up the management features, adding automation and stronger organization capability. All paper scans can be converted into fully-searchable PDF files complete with metadata and OCR for full-text searching. To access these features, all one needs is a standard browser, meaning deployment issues should be minimal. Ademero is also offering Content Central in appliance form, in conjunction with the standard hosted solution. The appliance product includes both server hardware and software bundled as a turn-key solution. Three appliance configurations are available that cater to both small business and corporate enterprise. For more information, visit the Ademero website.