Ademero,Content Central v4.5
Ademero Inc., a document management solutions company, has released version 4.5 of Content Central. Hard at work, evidently, as it was only back in January when they released version 4.1. Putting their qualitative research to use, this newest version of the browser-based DMS application adds several new features that were based on user feedback. Version updates were made to both the Enterprise Edition and Workgroup Edition. Features that grant users their wishes include: * Drag & Drop Capture: Adding files directly into the web browser is now as easy as dragging and dropping. With two drag-and-drop applets you can upload files instantly into the browser and allow the file to be reviewed and confirmed for upload. All types of files can be accepted.


* Active Directory Integration (Enterprise Edition): Administrators can now connect the Content Central server to an available Microsoft Windows Active Directory implementation. The integration lets Content Central use existing user accounts assigned in Active Directory and allows administrators to manage usernames and passwords from one central database. * DirectScan: Users can now employ new image reviewing tools such as zoom, rotate and delete after scanning documents directly into your web browser. Content Central converts the scanned images to fully-searchable PDF files complete with full-text information and any associated document properties. * User Dashboard: All users are now greeted with a new dashboard upon logging into Content Central. The dashboard provides a convenient overview of necessary content, including recently received messages, checked-out documents, documents waiting for approval and captured documents requiring coding. It also makes use of existing themes designed for the presentation layer.


Although rather basic functionality, Ademero is confident that these new features move "Content Central to the forefront of available document-management and content-management applications." Adding basic features like this are great, especially when new releases are driven by customer feedback. Users are sure to benefit in the short term and in the long term, as long as Ademero continues to listen and deliver accordingly. See for yourself. Take version 4.5 for a spin.