Adlib Integrates G-docs
Adlib Software, a producer of server-based document conversion, recognition and publishing software, and Good Products, a provider of Enterprise CMS solutions for Life Science sectors, have reached an OEM partnership, as they continue to address the importance of business efficiency through enterprise content management. The new partnership will facilitate regulatory submissions in the pharmaceutical industry and will include the integration of Good Products' electronic document management system g-docs with Adlib Software's Express Server centralized PDF rendering tool.G-docs, a third of the Good Products Compliance Suites, is an electronic document management system that provides, among other things: * The regulation of document version history * Approval management * Monitoring and recording of changes in audit logs Adlib Software is a producer of server-based document conversion. The software, which can either stand alone or be integrated into existing content management systems, converts documents to PDF and OCR with very, very little user assistance. The OEM partnership of these two software companies makes a lot of sense as the Healthcare Sector continues to grow, upping the need for cost-effective solutions within small to mid-sized companies that can be integrated into their normal systems without hassle. And, let's face it, without necessarily having to fully understand the way they work. Peter Duff, president and CEO of Adlib Software, said: "Our partnership with Good Products complements the ability to provide compliant document conversion systems to the pharmaceutical industry. The integration of g-docs and Express Server accelerates regulatory submissions and enables organizations to manage documents in a compliant way across the whole lifecycle, from creation to regulatory submission." According to Good Products, the increasing standardization of regulatory submissions in an electronic format calls for the need to simplify the user experience. Which is really just a way of saying that after the Life Sciences world realized they needed to step it up a notch and join the rest of the technological 21st century, they were interested in doing so with the least amount of effort, expenditure and time, and that this partnership is pretty much a fails-safe solution to that problem.