Oct. 28th: AIIM's New Holiday Targets a Paperless Planet
We're already moving in the direction of a paperless world, but with the explosion of information, it's becoming more imperative than ever to speed up the process. AIIM (news, site) is doing its part by organizing events worldwide in support of tomorrow's new, and very considerate, holiday. 

What it is

Paper Free Day is like Earth Day, except -- you guessed it! -- for offices. Basically, on October 28th, AIIM wants you to show your love for a better work place and world in three ways:

  • Conscientiously make a point to not PRINT
  • Investigate a business process or technology that can cut the paper waste in your office
  • Participate or Produce a local Paper Free Day event

The events you can attend include scanning and shredding locations, discussions on information management strategies and legalities, and presentations on document imaging, digital signatures, and online collaboration space. 

Why We Need it

A better planet is always something to strive for, but this new holiday acknowledges the gravity of things to come.

"Research shows that we will have close to 10x more information in 2011 compared to 2006, which means that organizations with paper based processes and archiving will drown in paper," explained AIIM's President, John Mancini. "Emails, IM's, texts, blog posts, internal organizational social sites, document copies...buried. Not only will information's drastic increase force us to rely more on content management technologies than paper, but so will the set up of our offices."

What You Get 

AIIM is offering event and online activity supporters a 30% off online certificate for AIIM trainings and memberships. For more info on participation, head on over.