Autonomy iManage And DocsCorp Integrate For PDF Management
In what is being described as the deepest integration with Autonomy’s (news, site) iManage document management software to date, Australian-based DocsCorp (news, site ) has announced upgrades to both its pdfDocs Desktop and pdfDocs compareDocs so that the two can be integrated into iManage out-of-the-box and without any special connectors.

Specifically targeting legal, financial and government agencies, the new integration gives users of iManage a whole pile of new PDF management features from pdfDocs Desktop including editing, file splitting, annotation and stamping.

Acknowledging the growing importance of compliance and eDiscovery for document heavy industries, the compareDocs element gives users the ability to trace and track differences between two documents by placing them side by side and producing a new version as a Word or PDF document incorporating all the differences.

Autonomy’s iManage

As it stands Autonomy iManage is a complete document management software package with an extensive list of functions across a shared environment. Both electronic and paper documents are stored in a central repository for easy search and reuse.

Documents that enter the system through email messages, or as records or any other media for that matter, are rigorously tracked with automated version control and notification, while access and permissions can be allocated by trained users effectively reducing dependency on IT departments.

Earlier this year, Autonomy integrated its workflow process built on Autonomy's meaning-based technology into iManage resulting in what the company at the time described as “an intelligent process automation module”.

And with the integration with DocsCorp flagship products you get a system that can just about do anything you might want to do with a document.

DocsCorp Integration

According to DocsCorp President of Sales, Marketing and Strategy, David Woolstencroft, the release is “the most advanced integration into the Autonomy iManage document management system by any partner to date”. So what do they do?

pdfDocs Desktop

pdfDocs Desktop first of all enables users create industry-standard PDF documents either from a single document source, or by combining two, or more documents into a single documents with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop function.

Once the document has been created there are a number of other functions that can be applied including editing, numbering, splitting for easy emailing, or add Bates numbers -- used in the legal, medical, and business fields to place identifying numbers on documents.

It can also automate the process of creating extensive legal, or commercial documents, all of which can include interactive tables of content for easy user search (useful it you’re looking for two lines out of a 2000 page document!).


The other integrated element from DocsCorp is compareDocs. It takes two documents, identifies the differences and produces a third document with, or without, those differences included.

The third version can be produced as a PDF, or as an active Word document and can be produced as an entirely new version, or a replacement document.

The bottom line here is that it massively simplifies document review processes and takes the anxiety of missing something that should have been included in a final version. As anyone who works with large numbers of documents will know -- this really does happen!