Autonomy Adds Workflow to iManage WorkSite Doc Management

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Autonomy Adds Workflow to Doc Management With iManage Worksite

It's a non-stop flow of news from Autonomy (news, site) these days. Most recently, the company announced the integration of its document management product, iManage WorkSite, with Autonomy's workflow.

It doesn't come as a surprise that the new module -- iManage Workflow Manager -- is built on Autonomy's meaning-based technology.

Autonomy iManage Workflow Manager

The said advantages are in the realm of expected functionalities: ability to do document review and approval, correspondence tracking, accounting engagement workflow, contract management, new client intake or conflicts check. The goal here is, of course, to also trying to get control over compliance and governance challenges.

Meaning-Based Document Management

The product can “understand” the meaning of data in a repository and route documents intelligently or raise alerts.

Learning Opportunities

The Autonomy iManage Workflow Manager is presented as “an intelligent process automation module.” It has rich capabilities for modeling and simulating business processes via visual tools, rules-based routing, real-time activity monitoring, secure connectivity into other systems, electronic forms and digital signatures.

According to Autonomy, the module has out-of-the-box integration capabilities with all WorkSite clients -- including FileSite, DeskSite. It also works via web access, as well as on mobile devices (but the latter we already know).

We All Could Use Some Workflow

For lawyers, government workers and accountants using (the what used to be Interwoven’s) WorkSite product a little workflow wouldn’t hurt. New matter intake processes, approvals of high-risk documents, correspondence tracking, end-to-end engagement tracking are all the examples of business processes that would benefit from appropriate workflows.