Autonomy Does Mobile Doc Management on the iPhone
Are you a lawyer, always on the go, needing to work on documents with remote teams when you aren't in the office? You probably aren't alone. And that's likely why Autonomy (news, site) has come out with a document management solution for the iPhone.

That's right, the iManage Worksite solution now support the Apple iPhone.


iManage Worksite on the iPhone

iManage Worksite

Originally Interwoven Worksite, Autonomy iManage Worksite is used by a number in the legal industry (75% of the Global 100 and 73% of AmLaw 100 law firms) as a collaborative environment and a document repository. It is used to store content such as documents and emails and for tracking updates to that content, milestones and deliverables.

iManage Worksite is also powered by Autonomy's IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer), offering conceptual search and automatic classification capabilities.

Mobile Accessible

The iPhone is not the first mobile device supported by iManage Worksite. The BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian can also be used to access the environment.

The iPhone application is built as a native iPhone app and leverages capabilities such as Multi-Touch interface, real-time 3D graphics and 3D positional audio over Edge/3G/WiFi. Have a look for yourself.

Learning Opportunities

Mobile Access is a Necessary Requirement

At a time when the workforce doesn't spend much time in the office chatting across cubicles, mobile access has become a critical component of any solution offering.

With the addition of the iPhone to their list of supported mobile devices for iManage Worksite, Autonomy is demonstrating their understanding of this clearly.

You can get more information about iManage Worksite here.