British-based Baycastle has announced the release of another entrant in the document management market for SMBs that aims to fill what used to be a gap for simple, cheap and effective document management software.

The new release, called Net-Cabinet, is specifically designed for managing document storage and retrieval, and to do that as a cheap and easy-to-use software package that can be installed very quickly.

Net-Cabinet DM

It really doesn’t seem to get any easier than this one. Using Net-Cabinet, users drag-and-drop documents into a repository, adding whatever tags they need for retrieval.

Documents can then be retrieved using a free-text search using those tags and a free-text, Google-like search for documents and files.

According to the company, the footprint is tiny and the users can be up and running in moments as there is no complicated workflow rules creation or complex taxonomy.

The key to Net-Cabinet, Baycastle says, is simplicity of use and speed of access to documents. Tests against more than 270,000 documents show retrieval times of less than a second. Users tag documents on the way in and then search for documents with a free-text search.

Among the features are:

  • Support for any document type
  • Stored in a safe and identifiable location
  • Free-text document search
  • Drag-and-drop placement of documents in desired location

And it’s all cheap too. Currently there is a free Express Edition, and the Standard Edition is less than $50 a seat, with a promotional offer of US$ 149 for three users and full support for six months that includes free updates to the software, of which Baycastle says there will be many.

Document Management, SMBs

With the rise of cloud computing and increasing evidence that even the SMB market is happy to move in that direction if they can get quality software that is secure, Net-Cabinet is being released into a competitive market.

There are many document management packages for this enterprise space and many of them have both on-premise and cloud options that give more choice than Net-Cabinet seems to offer. Among them are:

  • KnowledgeTree (news, site) : One of the first into the cloud, it has continued to develop its document management solution to support the growing number of enterprises who are looking for effective document management capabilities without the on-premise price.
  • eXpresso (news, site) : Only recently, eXpresso announced that it would be available on LotusLive; it enables multiple users to create, edit and share documents simultaneously. After a trial period, users can sign up for the not-so-princely sum of US$ 1 per user per month
  • SpringCM (news, site) : The company has been playing in this market too with its on-demand document management and workflow software, which also offers advanced business process management (BPM) capabilities.
  • LinearCube (news, site): A relatively new company, it is focused on bringing document management solutions to the small to midsize organization, such as legal, professional services and accounting. The company has two lines of business, one of which is a SaaS document management software package.

However, that is not to detract from Net-Cabinet, which in the initial release, at least, is focusing on effective storage and retrieval -- something no one is going to complain about.

The fact of the matter is that, no matter what software brings to this particular market segment at the moment, there is a lot of competition and a lot more coming down the line.