Box Adds 10 New Healthcare Partners, Apps After Achieving HIPAA Compliance Status

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Over the past few years there has been an increasing move towards providing products for specific verticals. The pace of specialization has been increasing. The latest vendor to provide suchproduct is Box, which just this week has announced a number of new apps for the healthcare vertical.


In fact there are 10 new applications although strictly speaking they are not from Box but partner applications that are built on the Box platform. However, it means that medical professionals that are looking for a comprehensive platform to manage their information can probably find all they need through Box.

That Box has come out with this is not really a surprise. It achieved its HIPAA status in January, giving it an edge over other cloud vendors that was just waiting to be exploited.

As businesses get increasingly regulatory-obsessed in light of the number of regulations that they now have to comply with, it is important for vendors to make the effort and meet these compliance standards.

Box, since it was set up, has always been flexible in respect of industry needs, which is why it has now reached the point where it can reasonably expect to go public sometime next year -- a move the CEO Aaron Levie has talked about on many occasions.

However, back to healthcare and with the HIPAA -- and indeed, HITECH -- compliance standards reached, it can now offer its customers secure cloud services for the health industry that should make it attractive for large and small  medical practices.

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The problem with healthcare is that here are so many dossiers built up around individuals over the course of their medical life that it is very difficult to join the dots and give practitioners a birds-eye view of what’s happening with a particular patient.

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The cloud, though, may just be the solution to this as it is considerably easier to link disparate dossiers located in the cloud than link files on different networks and even different geographies. For practitoners, then, Box with its HIPAA compliance rating, can offer practitioners:

  • Secure document and file collaboration including medical record sharing between different systems
  • Share medical records securely with patients
  • Collaborate around diagnosis for better healthcare decisions

And all this can be done while mobile too. According to Box, more than 50% of its healthcare clients who are mobile, access healthcare documents on the iPad, and that’s not counting other tablets too. The result of all this is that, according to Box, its healthcare business has grown by 81%.

And the new apps have been built to feed that growing market.

In all it has 10 new platform partners specifically for the healthcare space that break down by functionality into the following:

  • Clinical documentation: drchrono and Umbie DentalCare
  • Care coordination: TigerText, Doximity, Medigram, and PostureScreen Mobile
  • Interoperability: iMedViewer, iPaxera and Medi-Copy
  • Access to care: HealthTap

It also says it has made an investment indrchrono, and electronic healthcare records platformbuilt for iPad.The new apps are now available on the Box Apps Marketplace.