MetaVis Takes Its SharePoint Solutions to The Government
MetaVis (newssite) has a new solution available that allows you to tag and classify your content directly within SharePoint 2010.

Managing Your SharePoint Content Effectively

SharePoint 2010 does provide a number of improvements over SharePoint 2007 that enable you to better manage your content, but these improvements only go so far. Which means, if you are trying to migrate your content from another location (including SharePoint 2007), or you just need to restructure the content you have moved to SharePoint 2010, you are looking for a third party tool.

MetaVis Technologies has offered these types of content migration and classification tools for awhile, but all the work had to be done outside the actual SharePoint environment. Now that's not really a bad thing, but for those of you who want to be inside SharePoint when you are doing your tagging and classifying, MetaVis now has a tool for you.

The Cloud Classifier

Called the Cloud Classifier for SharePoint 2010, the solution is integrated directly into SharePoint itself, adding a new tool (button) to the SharePoint ribbon:


MetaVis Cloud Classifier for SharePoint 2010

What types of things can you do with this new classification tool? Select one or more list items or documents in a library and do one of the following:

  • Change the content type
  • Change and apply metadata 
  • Change and apply tags
  • Re-map fields, copying metadata from one field into another


Cloud Classifier - Classification Pop Up

This is a completely web-based tool and supports SharePoint 2010 Intranet, Internet/Extranet and SharePoint 2010 Foundations.

You can download a trial of the new Cloud Classifier to try it out.

Supporting SharePoint Governance

The Cloud Classifier is the latest in a number of releases from MetaVis that support SharePoint content classification and migration. In August, they updated their suite to support SharePoint 2010 Term Stores (which are also supported in this solution) and Document Sets.

They also introduced their new Site Compare tool in early August enabling SharePoint users to see the differences between the content, taxonomy, IA, security and permissions of two sites.

As more people move towards a SharePoint 2010 implementation, tools like those offered from MetaVis will play a key role in ensuring content is well organized and maintained. If they are used, maybe next year, when all the SharePoint surveys are run, we might actually hear a different story.