Last week CYA Technologies released SmartRecovery 2.0 for IBM FileNet P8. This update provides live and discrete recovery for content and its associated metadata without FileNet P8 downtime.SmartRecovery safeguards enterprise content management repositories against over 80 percent of all information loss incidents - which are a lot more common that people would like to think, when you consider the potential for human or programming errors, or metadata corruption, among other unforeseen hazards. Like a previous iteration, SmartRecovery employs the use of its proprietary Intelli-Capture technology in order to capture, validate and preserve content and related metadata in an asynchronous pass - a handy function for those concerned about compliance audits or e-discovery. Brand-spankin'-new features include: * Automatic resolution of "hot" backup synchronicity issues, which keeps FileNet P8 online during the backup process and keeps content and its related metadata together. * Content and metadata capturing as often as 15 minutes. * Corruption detection through the optional Data Integrity Module, which conducts over 70 integrity checks that ID corruption in repositories before users even try accessing the information. * One-step folder recovery * Lost and deleted info-tracking "[SmartRecovery 2.0 for IBM FileNet P8 is] a much needed solution in today’s business environment, in which companies are providing global access to central repositories, and backup windows are increasingly challenging to find," said Laura Dubois, research director of IDC Storage Software. "With CYA SmartRecovery, companies can ensure the integrity and recoverability of their information without any additional application downtime." Sound like a winner to you? Visit the CYA website to get a closer look.