CYA SmartRecovery
CYA Technologies, which provides recovery and replication solution to the Enterprise CMS world, today announced the release of CYA SmartRecovery for IBM FileNet P8. This is presently the only discrete recovery product that enables online recovery of structured information in just minutes, without shutting down one's system or taking applications offline.CYA sparked much fanfare last October when in Rome they announced the availability of SmartRecovery for Enterprise Content Management consumers. The popular solution protects enterprises against data loss from multiple forms of corruption including metadata corruption, human errors and programming mistakes. Such problems apparently comprise over 80 percent of data loss, making natural disasters or total system failures, more generally feared, look minor in comparison. When partial information loss occurs, CYA SmartRecovery locates the content and recovers it with its original metadata (that is, annotations, workflows and audit trails), putting it back into the repository in its original format. This ensures complete object-level integrity. Some benefits for IBM/FileNet P8 deployments include: * Live Capture, or the ability to capture changes in the object store every 15 minutes without downtime * Preservation, a function for ensuring integrity between content and metadata, flagging inconsistencies as they are found * Recoverability, bringing content back to their most recent state within the FileNet P8 object store without downtime * Reduction of Data Loss Window, a time-based disaster recovery function. This enables enterprises to recover down to a particular point in time, thereby minimizing their data loss risk Enterprises using CYA SmartRecovery can recover all lost or corrupted data added to the ECM repository without any loss of productivity or system availability. CYA SmartRecovery also helps meet strict compliance regulations, ensuring the integrity of content and metadata, including its audit trails. Generally, enterprise disaster recovery strategies require an organization to conduct weekly cold or offline backups of their whole system to protect applications and information stored throughout the infrastructure. Some companies even utilize snapshot, mirroring and standby server technologies to back data up more often. Such methods cause interruptions, are inefficient, and can fail to address the necessity for information integrity and discrete recoverability, which grows into a greater concern given mandates from the SEC Commission, COOP, Sarbanes-Oxley and the recent amendments to eDiscovery regulations. CEO Wayne Crandall states, “Today’s regulatory-driven business environment requires the accessibility and integrity not only of content, but also of the metadata with which it’s associated. CYA SmartRecovery makes it easy for enterprises using FileNet P8 to remain compliant with legal regulations and eDiscovery mandates by maintaining the integrity, availability, and recoverability of content and metadata, saving them potentially millions of dollars in legal fees and other costs associated with non-compliance.” Connecticut-based CYA Technologies provides recovery and replication software that ensures the integrity, accessibility and authenticity of content and metadata. Supported systems now include EMC Documentum, Open Text Livelink e-DOCs, and IBM FileNet P8. In related news enterprise data security vendor Iron Mountain and eDiscovery software vendor Stratify have announced a partnership to bring enhanced eDiscovery solutions to Iron Mountain's customer base.