There were a number of interesting announcements this week including the release of CNG-SAFE v7.5, Lexmark’s addition of new Enterprise CMS functionality through the acquisition of Brainware, OpenText offered Tempo on general release, while Adobe upgraded printing functionality. Meanwhile, offered new SharePoint hosting services.

CNG Releases CNG-SAFE 7.5

Cabinet NG (CNG) has released CNG-SAFE 7.5, the latest version of its document management and workflow software product.

Already an extensive, functional document management system, a main component of this latest release includes automated PDF form field population, user customized displays and enhancements to CNG-Books, CNG’s plug-in for QuickBooks.

A major step that most enterprisestake in moving to thepaperless office is converting paper forms into electronic PDFs. This version upgrades this functionality by enabling enterprises to pre-populate a PDF form with information already entered in CNG-SAFE, such as name, address and account number.

Another interesting feature this time around is Custom Columns, which allows users to define what information is displayed in what folder, workflow and scheduled item list. In addition to standard column information being turned on or off for display, up to five user-defined columns are permitted.

Any folder information (folder indexes) can be selected by the user. Customization is on a per user basis so someone working in accounting can display an entirely different set of columns than someone working in sales.

CNG-Books, CNGs document management integration for QuickBooks, also received a new set of capabilities. Keyword entry, credit entry recognition, document attachments, reference number prefill control and user defined memo field text are now supported.

CNG-SAFE 7.5 is available for new clients and immediate download to customers with software maintenance.

Adobe’s Economical Printing

Meanwhile, Adobe has announced the availability of Adobe LeanPrint, a new software technology that solves printing pain points in the enterprise and home by automatically optimizing document layouts and managing toner output to reduce resource consumption and costs by an average of 40 percent for typical office documents.

LeanPrint provides plug-ins to common desktop applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Excel, Word and common browsers that typically account for the majority of printing in the enterprise and home.

LeanPrint allows final output to be shown before the user sends the document to the printer, ensuring visual assurance of a streamlined execution.

There are also all kinds of other good things for printing here, which combined will offer considerable cost savings for enterprises with heavy print needs. In principal, we would all like to see the paperless office become a reality, but in the meantime, there’s no harm in saving money.

OpenText Releases Tempo

Last November OpenText announced the release of Tempo, a document sharing solution. If you missed it during the week, OpenText announced Tempo is now generally available on any device, promising to make document sharing quicker and mobile, while synchronizing data across computers and devices. It accompanied the release with the release of a new Tempo Express Edition.

According to OpenText, both editions offer consumer-oriented document sharing cloud services coupled with rigorous records management designed to keep even the most compliant-happy enterprise satisfied.

Learning Opportunities

Both also simplify the sharing of information stored in repositories either on-premise, or as a mobile option. Interested in more?

Lexmark Expands Enterprise CMS Functionality

Also in the printing/document management space, Lexmark continues its push into the enterprise content management space with theannouncement ofthe acquisition of Luxembourg-based BDGB Enterprise, including its US subsidiary Brainware, for US$ 148 million.

Brainware now joins Perceptive Software, a stand-alone business unit within Lexmark. Brainware's chief executive officer, Carl Mergele, will report directly to Scott Coons, Perceptive Software's president and chief executive officer and Lexmark vice president.

You might recall that Lexmark bought its way into the Enterprise CMS space in 2010 when it bought Perceptive. The addition of Brainware adds the intelligent data capture platform PDistiller to Perceptive.

PDistiller extracts critical information from paper and electronic documents, validates the extracted data and passes it to customers' data management systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and/or financial management systems.

Brainware Distiller enables customers to more efficiently process invoices, fulfill customer orders, balance remittances, index documents, process loan applications and perform other document-intensive processes. This high growth market is closely adjacent to both Lexmark's customer solutions and Perceptive Software's expanding enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) businesses. SharePoint Services

Finally,, which provides economical web hosting, has announced the release of their new and improved SharePoint hosting services.

SharePoint hosting from helps companies and organizations by creating a virtual office environment which allows every employee to access data, share resources and also add ideas or solutions for existing issues. offers SharePoint Foundation 2010 hosting and WSS 3.0 hosting which provide tools for document management, process management, collaboration and many more.

The SharePoint hosting services from starts at $5.99 per month with a whole range of different pricing options, depending on use.