It's summer and slow everywhere. However, OpenText has still managed to upgrade RightFax making faxes by internet easier, Colligo extends the reach of Briefcase enabling Apple devices access to SharePoint, Quest has also been busy around SharePoint making it easier to access from Outlook, while Panasonic releases a new document scanner for SMBs.

OpenText Releases RightFax v10.5

It’s been so long since we heard the word fax, we had to go back and look it up in the dictionary. Not OpenText though; OpenText is still working away on fax solutions. This week it released RightFax 10.5.

With social media use exploding and email still the principal means of communication between colleagues, you wouldn’t think there was room for fax anymore. But a visit to any small or midsize firm operating in most verticals should disabuse you of that.

However, what OpenText offers with RightFax is a long way away from the old fax machines of even ten years with dodgy spools and interminable paper wastage.

This fax solution really is a product of the times we live in. We have come across RigthFax before too, with the v10 release that offered support for Office 365 and Google Apps. This version has all that functionality and more.

RightFax 10.5, which includes the fax industry's first Internet connector for transmitting faxes across the Internet, enables users to send and receive faxes as quickly as email, as well as offering more scalability, and more intuitive administrative controls.

It also comes prebuilt with enhancements to take advantage of the OpenText Cloud. New application and device connectors allow users to streamline business processes, while image clean-up and updated user interfaces improve data readability.

However, it is the application and device connectors that OpenText seems to be really pushing here. Among them are:

  • New interface: A new vendor-neutral Web Services API is available that enables integration with custom applications
  • OpenText eDOCS integration: Connector for eDOCS 5.3 -- OpenText's content management system for law firms -- and RightFax
  • SAP integration: SAP Connector now includes Unicode support
  • New MFP integrations: A new connector that enables connection with HP OXPd devices

For an upgrade that only moves up half a point, there are a huge number of enhancements here so worth checking it out. OpenText RightFax 10.5 is now available directly from OpenText or through OpenText's channel partners.

Colligo Upgrades Briefcase for Apple Mobiles

Also this week, and in the shadow of all the hoopla around the release of SharePoint 2013 Preview, Colligo announced the release of Colligo Briefcase 3.0, which it describes as a major upgrade to its app for managing SharePoint content on Apple mobile devices.

Already available for Apple iPad, this version --  Colligo Briefcase 3.0 -- adds support for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, in addition to several new and enhanced features. Based on a unified, native iOS code base, Briefcase uses Colligo’s secure SharePoint caching engine to offer users secure offline access to SharePoint content.

It can also be managed and centrally deployed through Colligo Administrator so that administrators can configure SharePoint content across multiple devices. Among the features of this release are:

  • iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch universal access through the same app
  • Smart caching for offline access to SharePoint along with better synchronization
  • Data capture in the field while workers are mobile
  • Direct upload of photos and sketches to SharePoint

With Colligo Briefcase Enterprise companies are offered optional configuration through Collio Administrator.

It is available in three editions: Lite, Pro and Enterprise. It is covered with a single license covering iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, with enterprise pricing depending on deployment options. It’s in the App Store now.

Quest’s Connects Outlook with SharePoint

If you missed it earlier, Quest has just released AttachThis that will make it easier for users in Outlook to work with SharePoint too. Two of the biggest reasons users don't adopt SharePoint is because they're asked to shift away from behavior they already know, as well as a tool -- Outlook -- they're already comfortable with, Chris McNulty, strategic product manager, Quest Software said.

And this is where Quest is coming from with the new AttachThis and AttachThis Pro tools.

With AttachThis, McNulty says, users don’t have to change the context of their work while at the same time improving their ability to collaborate in an environment that is monitored and supported by IT. Interested in more?

Panasonic’s New Document Scanner

Finally this week, document imaging and scanning vendor Panasonic has introduced the KV-S1046C document scanner for SMBs or departments with limited space.

While it may be small, it is stuffed full of new features, including the ability to scan documents at a speed of 45ppm (page per minute). It is also capable of scanning documents of different sizes and thicknesses, thus reducing the number of devices needed to digitize data.

The KV-S1046C document scanner is designed to combine paper documents along with up to three hard embossed cards, such as a driver's license, in a single batch by using the mixed card batch guide.

One of the other selling points is that it is certified with Kofax VirtualReScan Elite software that automatically applies proper scan settings and cleans scanned images.

This improves the accuracy of optical character recognition and handwriting recognition software, reduces file sizes and minimizes document preparation tasks and manual activities. If you are interested in more on this check it out here.