It may be a short week, but there’s still plenty happening. There are ongoing rumors that Office 15 will go into public beta any day now, Foxit offers PDF management for Surface, ABBYY and SoftCo partner, while WatchDox offers a Dropbox, Box alternative. Huddle is also offering syncing functionality for iPad.

Office for Public Beta This Week?

Still no official word so it seems unlikely that it will happen this side of the US holiday, but there are reports that Office 15 will go into public beta this week. If it does it won’t really be a surprise as Microsoft had said as early as January that it would be doing this by summer.

Well the summer has arrived, if not the good weather, and we’re still waiting for the beta. However, according to the tech blog, and citing exclusive sources, the release is due later this week. Now given that July 4th falls half through the week, it would make more sense to do it next week.

In any case the release will be soon and worth a closer look when it does emerge, although personally, it would be far more interesting to get a look at SharePoint 15, so we’re hoping there’ll be a few more ‘leaks’ on this before the year is out. Interested in more?

Foxit Offers Surface PDF Management

Also this week in relation to another Microsoft release, Foxit, an Amazon-backed provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing and securing PDF documents, has announced that it will optimize its PDF product lines for the upcoming release of Surface tablets.

Foxit, has supported major Windows software platforms in the past and will continue to support Microsoft on this new integrated hardware and software platform, the company said in a statement.

Foxit believes the two new tablets will be strong platforms for both enterprise and consumer customers worldwide. It will optimize its products for both the Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro operating systems that will ship with Surface tablets and will provide PDF solutions through the following products:

  • Foxit Reader: A feature rich PDF viewer which allows users to open, view, and print any PDF file.
  • Foxit PhantomPDF: PhantomPDF helps users create standards-compliant PDF files from hundreds of file types and from scanned documents.
  • Foxit Embedded PDF SDK: Standard-compliant PDF technology to securely display, search and annotate PDF documents and to fill PDF forms. Optimized for mobile device, desktop and server deployments.

And there's more. More on this when Surface lands.

WatchDox To Compete With Box, Dropbox

WatchDox announced that it will be releasing a new sync feature later this month. There isn't a precise date for the release, but by adding the sync feature it is placing itself on a pedestal as an alternative to Box or Dropbox.

With the new feature, WatchDox says it will be dealing with the problem of document and file security at a very fundamental level -- within the document or content element itself.

The new release offers a system where controls are applied on every platform no matter what it is, including controls over who can access particular files, whether it can be shared, and how it can be used on the desktop, tablet or smartphone.

It also offers the possibility of changing the security settings so that once a given user no longer needs to access given materials or files, they can be excluded from accessing those files, even if those files have been downloaded to a home PC or synced to an iPad. Interested in more?

Huddle’s Syncing for iPad

Huddle announced that its enterprise content collaboration platform with intelligent file recommendation technology is available for the iPad.

Learning Opportunities

Using Huddle's intelligent recommendation technology, the new app automatically delivers and syncs the most relevant files to workers' iPads. This ensures that workers always have secure access to the latest version of their documents, online and offline.

It also allows people to discover previously unknown content and documents from across the enterprise that may be relevant to their job.

It seamlessly integrates with Google QuickOffice, Readdle and Fileboard to enable true mobile working, including file creation and interaction when on the move, while meeting the data security and management needs of IT.

SoftCo and ABBYY Partner

Finally, document management and business process automation vendor SoftCohas announced that it has teamed up with document recognition vendor ABBYY to offer enterprise data capture and cloud-based document management specifically for Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs).

The offering will combine SoftCo Cloud with ABBYY FlexiCapture, an intelligent data capture solution from ABBYY a provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and services.

This combination of technologies will enable BPOs to expand their solution offerings and provide enterprise grade data capture and document management to their customers via the Cloud.

ABBYY FlexiCapture serves as a document classification and data extraction front-end that pulls key information from almost any type of business document, including invoices, purchase orders, forms and applications, and feeds the data onto SoftCo Cloud.

SoftCo Cloud for BPOs provides service providers with a white-label document management solution via the Cloud that is already used by over 900 enterprise customers globally for both simple and complex business process challenges.Check it out on either companies' website.