There were a few notable moves in the document management space recently. Among them is a new archiving solution for SharePoint form ArcMail, Alfresco released a new version of its records management solution, DocuLex upgraded ArchiveStudio for MFPs, ABBYY upgraded FlexiCapture, while OpenText announced that it had a good year.

SharePoint Archiving

If there was a lot of excitement around the launch of the SharePoiint 2013 Preview, we’re back now to the day-to-day realities of SharePoint, and the addition of new functionality.

This time it’s the addition of new archiving abilities from ArcMail, which provides enterprises with new capabilities around the archiving, searching and safeguarding of business-critical data in SharePoint environments.

When SharePoint 2010 was released one of the things that many users felt had improved, but had not improved enough, was the records management functionality. The result has been the release of a number of add-ons to help SharePoint users with this.

The new archiving solution from ArcMail provides organizations that rely upon SharePoint with advanced email compliance, data protection and rapid-fire information retrieval services.

ArcMail enables users to search multiple, fully-indexed data sources simultaneously including SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps email (Gmail), IM and other messaging platforms. ArcMail for SharePoint archiving solution is now available.

Alfresco Records Management 2.0

For better records management, and just in case you missed it earlier this week, Alfresco has announced its next generation Records Management 2.0 platform.

The new updated system now fully integrates with Alfresco Enterprise 4 including more granular controls, mobile access and email features.

As more and more enterprises and even government level IT move to the cloud, tracking documents and records is going along for the ride. Records Management 2.0 is just such a vehicle. Interested in more?

DocuLex Archive Studio Upgrade

DocuLex has announced the release of the new improved Archive Studio JAVA MFP touch panel applet. The new improved applet is available through the Ricoh independent dealer channel.

Archive Studio, a product of DocuLex, is a document management solution that enables knowledge workers to securely capture, manage and share electronic content in local server or cloud based document repositories.

Archive Studio's ability to boost process improvement capabilities offers Ricoh customers increased efficiencies in distributing documents, maintaining paper and unstructured electronic files.

The solution's seamless integration with modern Ricoh multifunctional products serves as the gateway for document input and output and allows organizations to tightly control the lifecycle of all valuable information assets while the RiSVP solution facilitates the flow of documents from initial capture and indexing to policy-based destruction. If you want a self-guided demo on this, check it out here.

OpenText’s Full-Year Figures

Finally, OpenText has done well over the year despite grim economic conditions in Europe and uncertainty about the economy in the US.

According to recently released figures, the company reported fourth-quarter profits of US$ 8 million and a 7% increase in revenues.

For the company’s full financial year, OpenText reported a profit of US$ 125.2 million on US$1.2 billion in revenue. That compares with a profit of $123.2 million on $1.03 billion in revenue for the previous financial year.

With ink on the EasyLink Services International deal worth US$ 310 million just dried, it is likely that heading into next year, OpenText is going to focus on integrating EasyLink into its portfolio. EasyLink is a provider of cloud-based messaging services.

OpenText chief executive Mark Barrenechea, who joined the company in December of last year, says he will continue to steer it on a high-growth path driven by acquisitions. A lot to watch out for here.

ABBYY’s FlexiCapture 10

Document capture vendor ABBYY announced the latest release of its FlexiCapture software in the shape of v10. The system now provides access to all document scanning and verification functions via Web interfaces, facilitating the deployment of FlexiCapture in SaaS and cloud environments.

It also allows companies to quickly implement distributed document capture processes, saving resources typically spent on local software installation and maintenance.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 provides intelligent technologies for automating the process of extracting data from a variety of documents, including machine-readable forms, semi-structured and unstructured documents.

FlexiCapture can be trained to automatically distinguish documents of different types based on a set of sample images. With the latest product release, its auto-learning technology has been further enhanced to support both image-based and content-based approaches to the document classification.