Alfresco announced its next generation Records Management 2.0 platform, and the updated system now fully integrates with Alfresco Enterprise 4 including more granular controls, mobile access and email features.

As more and more enterprise and even government level IT move to the cloud, tracking documents and records is going along for the ride. Records Management 2.0 is just such a vehicle.

Secure, Mobile Content Management

Alfresco 4 debuted early in 2012 and in June, the company released a cloud based version of its open source CMS. With Records Management 2.0, the cloud based transition is complete. Not every document needs to be available for mobile downloading, of course, but things are moving in that direction with this release.

Records management may not be the sexiest aspect of an IT department's mission, but it's become painfully obvious there's a growing need to keep secure documents protected. One way to do that is to make documents easier to identify and sort.

A new multi-level file plan in Records Management 2.0 allows for creating deeper record structures beyond the main levels as defined by the U.S. Department of Defense. 

Additionally, because the system has been redesigned to support Alfresco Enterprise 4, mobile, social and cloud capabilities in the Enterprise CMS can be leveraged as well.

New Features

Records are now simpler to search with easier to define queries, and favorite searches can be saved for records more frequently called upon. With a single file repository, less content needs to be migrated so there's less of a chance of losing information.

Furthermore, there's a Web-based interface and native IMAP support so it's easy to file emails without installing a plugin. RM 2.0 shows up as a mail folder so filing records can easily be done with drag and drop.

For those needing to respond to Freedom of Information Act requirements, Alfresco has included workflow and hold tools like better transparency.