Back in the full swing of things this week with Hyland Software outlining its plans to take OnBase worldwide and Office 2011 for Mac finally going to RTM. Xerox has also launched its rebranding campaign, while PSIGEN extends the reach of its document capture software.

Office 2011 for Mac RTM

We gave the release of Office 2010 a big hooray when it finally launched last May so it’s only fair that we do the same with Office 2011 for Mac. Last Friday it finally went to RTM. This means it’s signed off on final testing and the product is officially getting sent on its way to production and to customers.

The trip started over 2 ½ years ago and what a long, strange trip it’s been! The principal goal was to deliver major improvements requested by users as well as some new stuff they were dreaming up, particularly around performance and responsiveness.

So what’s the buzz? Well according to the Mactopia blog last week, they’ve added Outlook for Mac, made big changes in team collaboration including everywhere access, full co-authoring and new connections to Microsoft (news, site) services such as the Office Web Apps, SharePoint and SkyDrive.

There’s a lot more, but also some things that were promised that they admit in a video that accompanies the RTM that they can’t bring in this version. If you want to follow up on this you can view the video below -- but please don’t blame us, we definitely didn’t make this one !

Hyland Takes OnBase International

Hyland (news, site) is keeping true to its promise that it was going to take the SaaS version of its ECM and document management software OnBase everywhere a little over a year ago.

In a statement issued by the Ohio-based company in the last few days, it promises that by 2011 OnBase Online will be available on all five continents with data centers to support this ambition everywhere too.

However, this is not just a shot in the dark, Hyland says. The popularity and growing acceptance of SaaS was proven, the company says, after it opened its data center in the UK in July 2009 with 100 customers being serviced in this one location already.

To meet the growing international demand for OnBase OnLine, Hyland opened a data center in Australia in late August 2010.

And now this. More expansion is planned with the opening of a new data center this month in the Netherlands, while in 2011 the company will add two more locations, one in Asia and the other in South America.

Not much escaping it really and while many enterprises looking at SaaS solutions face giving in and signing up, other document management companies should be taking note.

Xerox Launhces Rebranding Campaign

On to Xerox (news, site) now, and the continuing progress of its rebranding campaign that aims to change people’s perception of the photocopying giant.

Well that’s just the point. Xerox hopes that by the end of the campaign, when someone says they are going to Xerox a document, they will mean that they are going to stick it into Xerox’s document management system rather than take it to a photocopier.

The first part of the rebranding strategy was launched last week with advertisements on TV and billboard. The other part, its online campaign, has also been launched with the opening of, an online “interactive and immersive multimedia experience where visitors see Xerox's offerings come to life through its customers”.

Xerox said that brand characters from the new global marketing campaign, such as a concierge from Marriott Hotels & Resorts, are joined by others from the New York Mets, Hertz, Ducati and the University of Notre Dame, to show how partnering with Xerox helps customers focus on what matters most: their real business..

PSIGEN Extends Document Capture

PSIGEN Software (news, site) has also been busy and has announced the release of PSI:Capture 3.6.1, the most recent version of its capture platform, which provides seamless integration with many industry document management and content management systems, including Open Text’s eDocs/LiveLink, and advanced capture and data extraction for 47 different DM/ECM systems.

Along with new migration integrations, the new release also provides enhancements to the Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) capabilities within the product, with some new features including line item processing zones, zone triggering, document color dropout and overall enhancements in forms processing capabilities. If you’ve forgotten how important a good document capture strategy is maybe you should remind yourself.

Global 360 Up on SharePoint 2010 Support?

And for those looking for confirmation that the recession is now behind us, Global 360, which provides process and document management software has announced strong results for its fiscal first quarter ended June 30, 2010 compared to the same quarter a year ago.

The highlight figure here is a 33% year-over-year quarterly increase in revenue from its Business Process Management (BPM) products and services as well as a 13% increase in Q1 license revenues that was influenced by Global 360 partners.

Maybe that’s as much to do with the fact that its BPM Suite supports Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as it with anything else. Interesting to see other Q1 results that should be due soon for other document management vendors.