In the world of document management this week, we look at the issues of compliance when it comes to managing documents using social media and enterprise collaboration tools.

In other DM news:

  • Document capture in the cloud
  • Bringing document management to healthcare
  • Paperless doc management in AP, AR and HR

Keeping Your Doc Collab Compliant

Our guest author Joe Shepley recently blogged about some of the compliance implications of managing documents collaboratively. He is building on one of his articles published on CMSWire: 3 Ways Document Collaboration is Becoming More Social.

Expanding on the above-mentioned three areas, Shepley looks into compliance implications associated with these shifts. Excitement about social media and enterprise collaboration aside, there's a need to talk about how to remain compliant in the new era of all things DM going social.

According to the author:

In the end, the compliance impact of managing documents using social media and collaboration tools comes down to:

  • Making sure RM and legal are not only on the same page about the content created by social media and collaboration tools, but in touch with the reality of how folks work

  • Evaluating the content created by social media and collaboration tools just like you do any other corporate content…and then handling it accordingly.

Document Capture in the Cloud

Recently, KnowledgeTree (news, site) teamed up with Fujitsu (news, site) for bulk scanning and document cloud capture options. This development for document management and bulk scanning through Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners in the cloud could have a dramatic effect on enterprise overheads.

Those with large paper processing needs that this solution is aimed at, particularly things like invoicing or mail room functions.

This will be enabled through KnowledgeTree’s Hot Folders interface, from which the whole document management element of the process can be managed and into which very high quality documents can be captured using Fujitsu technology.

This is not the first capture vendor KnowledgeTree has signed up with and there are a number of other third party applications also available through Hot Folders.

Bringing Document Management to Healthcare

As we reported earlier this week, enterprise CMS provider Hyland (news, site) acquired Computer Systems Company (CSC) Group -- a company that offers revenue, financial and paper-scanning tools for healthcare sector.

One of the big benefits of the deal is ability to convert paper-based documents into digital assets that can be used/accessed in organizations’ clinical, financial and administrative applications.

Paperless Document Management in AP, AR and HR

Webiplex, a provider of SaaS electronic document management, integrated its NetSuite cloud computing platform with DocuPeak. DocuPeak functions like capture, access, manage and preserve documents can now be accessed from the NetSuite GUI.

The cloud and on-demand sides of things are aimed at customers looking to save money and reduce labor-intensive paper-driven activities. 

The NetSuite Business Suite of applications includes those focusing on Accounting/ERP, CRM and Ecommerce. DocuPeak brings such functionalities as managing paper documents from any data source to further scan and classify them. Digital documents  and data can be captured and managed as well.