It’s the final document management roll-up of the year and this time it’s dominated by Oracle, who has just launched their cloud office software in competition with Google and Microsoft. In other news, KnowledgeTree integrated with MS Office, while Salesforce added document management with M-Files.

Oracles’ Cloud Office Apps

You may recall at the end of November, LibreOffice Released Beta 3.3 less than two months after the Document Foundation (DF) announced its fork.

While everyone was watching that, Oracle (news, site) was working on its new web based productivity tools Oracle Cloud Office and Open Office 3.3 -- offering applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database and drawings.

Those tools are now available and look to challenge Google Docs and MS office -- not to mention's in the cloud office applications market.

Oracle Cloud Office 1.0 is a web and mobile office suite that enables Web 2.0-style collaboration and mobile document access with support for Microsoft Office and collaboration with Open Office.

Oracle is already putting it up to Microsoft, claiming that it costs five times less on-premise and as a SaaS then MS’s current offerings. Is this market a little crowded with Google Docs, MS Office (and soon Office 365) and now Oracle? One to watch for 2011.

Oracle Upgrades Documaker EE

On another note, Oracle has just announced the availability of Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition, the next generation of the company’s software for creating and managing enterprise communications.

The latest release delivers adaptive enterprise content and comes with a redesigned, Web-based iDocumaker module that improves communications throughout the customer lifecycle.

Relying on rules-based configurability, a content library and embedded workflow, iDocumaker enables any user with an Internet connection to quickly and interactively create and assemble compliant communications -- such as letters, policies and ID cards -- from their desktops.

The new Document Factory enables business users with the leverage of a single administration point to assemble and publish consistent content across multiple channels including print, e-mail, Web, short message service (SMS) messaging and more.

IcyBlaze Introduces DM Mac and iPhone

New York-based IcyBlaze has just announced the release of iDocument 1.5 and iDocument iPhone. The latest update offers sync functions between the Mac and iPhone/iPod touch.

The iDocument system supports WIFI transfer between Mac and iPhone, so users can sync their documents with two applications on Mac and iPhone separately.

iDocument is a documents management application on Mac, while iDoc iPhone is a small documents tool box for mobile devices. It acts as a document transfer station, a micro documents scanner, as well as a document browser on the go.

By linking both iDocument and iDocument iPhone in the WIFI network, users select the documents and push them into the transfer station in iDocument then sync the selected documents into iDocument iPhone. All documents and related annotations like tags, rating, and labels will be synced to iDocument as well.

KnowledgeTree Integrates with MS Office

Sometimes, with all the fireworks surrounding Microsoft vs Google for dominance of the business cloud market, we forget that there are indeed other players. KnowledgeTree, another competitor, continues to build its cloud offering for the SMB sector with this week’s new release that offers Office integration and new pricing levels that drop as low as US$ 35/month.

The new features collectively aim to address what is increasingly seen as a need to improve the abilities of workers across entire enterprises to share and collaborate.

To make their cloud-based document management software accessible to even the smallest organization, KnowledgeTree has restructured their pricing and added Office integration.

KnowledgeTree for Office enables users to interact with KnowledgeTree content and collaborate with other KnowledgeTree users directly from within their Microsoft Office productivity apps.

Office Add-ins let them browse the repository, upload, download, search and email documents from within Microsoft Office applications -- including Microsoft Outlook. They can also drag and drop documents into the repository from Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX or Linux desktops.

Salesforce Adds DM with M-Files Integration

Motive Systems has also been busy. The company has extended the reach of its on-premise and cloud-based document management system through an integration with Salesforce (news, site) that can run in parallel to a CRM deployment.

M-Files for Salesforce CRM can be deployed on-premise for companies that need to ensure large numbers of their documents remain behind company firewalls or in the cloud -- probably suiting both Motive and Salesforce given their cloud investments.

Built on top of, M-Files for Salesforce CRM is based around its cloud-based document management software M-Files Vault, which was released in August of this year.