Even with the holiday weekend, it’s been a busy week for document management. Alfresco has announced a technology partnership with Ephesoft for cloud capture, Microsoft has finally released SP1 for Office 2010 and SharePoint, Harmon.ie put  "social" in document creation, Adeptol upgraded its document viewing platform, while eFileCabinet and Uni-Data & Communications also team up.

Alfresco, Ephesoft Technology Partnership

With the holiday weekend and all the fuss around the release of Office 365, a few items slipped through the cracks. One of them was from Alfresco, which has announced a technology partnership withEphesoft, a cloud-ready capture company, so that both their products can be offered as an integrated package.

Alfresco’s (news, site) enterprise content management software brings an automated workflow element to capture processes, while at the same time improves further intelligence to documents that have been captured electronically via the use of imaging.

For its part, Ephesoft manages the document capture via scanners, email and fax to create searchable PDFs with metadata tags. As part of Ephesoft’s processing, documents are “learned’ so they can be classified and separated from other documents.

The integration between the two is based on Alfresco Enterprise 3.4 and Ephesoft Enterprise 2.2 using the industry CMIS open standard.

Both Alfresco and Ephesoft (news, site) have similar business models and neither charges initial license fees or user charges, only annual software support fees.

Office 2010 SP1 Released

You may recall in May that Microsoft finally announced an approximate date for the release of its SP 1 for its productivity tools. That date was the end of last week, coinciding with the release of Office 365.

With it, Office 2010 offers support for Google’s Chrome web browser for running online Office applications in SharePoint 2010.

Originally, when it announced the release of the online versions of Office applications last year, all came with support for Safari and Mozilla, and, of course, its own Internet Explorer, but for anyone who wanted to run Office Web Applications on Chrome, they had to do so through Skydrive.

With the new SP1, all that changes. According to the blog, initially users will be able to download it manually from the Download Center and from Microsoft Update, following which, and after 90 days, it will be released as an Automatic Update.

And there’s a lot more updates, too, as well as the usual security patches that provide a cumulative release of all the security updates so far. Interested in more?

Harmonie Releases 3.0

Also during the week, Harmion.ie released Harmon.ie 3.0, which made SharePoint more socially adept.

Specifically, harmon.ie (news, site) 3.0 has been designed to bring a critical social component to document creation by allowing users to collaborate with colleagues and external contacts without leaving the email interface where they spend much of their workday. New features aim to simulate your coworker’s presence, whether they’re across the room, down the road or around the world.

Learning Opportunities

Users can now share documents and track document updates; connect with colleagues and check their real-time status and initiate phone/chat/video/email communications -- all the while building their enterprise social graph. Interested in more?

Adeptol Upgrades Document Viewing

Adeptol (news, site) upgraded its document viewing platform, too, with the release of v4.6 adding a pile of new features and performance improvements.

Document Viewer is a high-speed high-fidelity platform allowing users to view more than 300 file formats with no downloads, plug-ins or Active-X controls.

The new version introduces a range of features for developers and business users and offers better performance and loading times. It also adds a tabular user interface that Adeptol engineering had been working on for a while.

Some of the key new features include support for Microsoft Outlook file formats, support for TIFF (JPEG Compression) along with an improved rendering engine for Office 2010 and other file formats. The new platform also offers extended API with fidelity improvements and enhanced optimization for document loading.

The new version is available for download immediately for the existing customers and also the CloudConnect customers will be able to have access to it without any changes on their side.

eFileCabinet, Uni-Data Partner

Finally eFileCabinet (news, site), and Uni-Data & Communications have announced a partnership that brings together eFileCabinet's document management software and Intuit-Certified QuickBooks integration software with the QuickBooks hosting solution.

As part of the agreement, Uni-Data will offer eFileCabinet's document management software to its customers, offering a document management solution in the Cloud for SMBs.

If you’re interested, check out eFileCabinet's document management software and Uni-Data's QuickBooks hosting solutions here.