With the long weekend it was a quiet week. However, there were some nuggets. HP looks set to offer IDOL to ordinary consumers, the Document Foundation was incorporated in Germany, Dropbox released Automator, eDocSign upgraded its electronic signature functionality and DocuLex’ ArchiveStudio gets specialized.

Autonomy IDOL for the Consumer?

More hearsay about HP. According to a report in the Financial Times -- generally a reliable news source -- HP intends to add Autonomy’s IDOL search abilities to a new series of computers and printers.

Citing Mike Lynch, whom you will remember sold Autonomy to HP last year, and who runs the information management side of the business, will be offered to consumers -- as opposed to enterprises -- by the end of the year.

It’s not clear exactly how it would be applied to these printers and computers, but a household computer with IDOL capabilities would be formidable and give HP back the edge in the PC market, which it has lost over the course of the past 18 months with all the confusion around its products.

IDOL extracts meaning from unstructured data and on a PC might, for example, search for information and web pages by pointing at an image on the screen.

It could also turn printers into intelligent storage devices that would not only scan documents but also store them depending on the information they contain. More on this as it happens.

Document Foundation Incorporated

The Document Foundation took another step forward this week with the announcement that it has been officially incorporated in the state of Berlin, Germany.

Thorsten Behrens, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the new Foundation, said of the move that its primary focus was on the membership element. As a result, those who are approved members have inalienable, strong rights, embedded into the statutes and guaranteed by law, and enforced by the authorities.

Michael (Mike) Schinagl, a Berlin-based lawyer who has been working on the incorporation process, explained:

The creation of such a Foundation is unique in the history of free software. There are not many, if any, entities that guarantee such strong rights to active contributors. Embedding those into legal language was a tremendous task, but one that was very worthwhile. The Foundation and its statutes provide the ideal grounds for a free office ecosystem, including users, developers, marketeers, adopters, service providers and many, many more, and they can serve as an example for other communities with similar goals.”

It’s complicated, but it appears to give those who contribute to the Foundation protection under German law, something which it has lacked to date.

Dropbox Fixes Automator

Meanwhile, if you missed it during the week Dropbox has released an Automator upgrade.

Dropbox Automator offers the ability to set bulk actions to documents placed in a folder. But Dropbox Automator came at a price: a big security risk that included granting full access to all Dropbox folders.

This requirement kept the SaaS from going mainstream. The Dropbox Automator upgrade now allows restricted access to a user's single Dropbox folder rather than exposing all folders and files in Dropbox to the Wappwolf code. With this upgrade, that has been fixed.

eSignSystems Upgrades SmartSAFE

Meanwhile, eSignSystems has announced the latest release of SmartSAFE, a solution for lifecycle management of electronically signed, legally-binding documents and records requiring ESIGN and UETA compliance.

This new version of SmartSAFE features a redesigned SigningRoom that simplifies the eDelivery and eSigning process for all parties. Expanded cross-browser support allows users to log into the SigningRoom with most popular web browsers.

Additionally, the SigningRoom has been optimized for tablets and mobile devices, bringing new convenience to field agents and consumers who need to complete transactions from remote locations.

The redesigned SigningRoom, which resides within the SmartSAFE, is more intuitive to use and has improved graphics. This release delivers three options to define the look-and-feel of the SigningRoom branding.

DocuLex Offers ArchiveStudio For Automobiles

Finally, DocuLex, underlining the trend across vendors to provide versions of their software for particular verticals, has announced its offering of the DocuLex Archive Studio Document Management Software Suite to enable customer file protection and authorized document access for the automotive industry.

Archive Studio will provide the safe and secure environment that is required by the Safeguards Rule of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the FTC Privacy Rule and the Disposal Rule.

The Archive Studio Document Management Software Suite automates many business functions in the automotive industry, such as managing client or vendor files, employee records, accounting files, proof of delivery and parts orders. It’s a small thing, but important.