Busy week again in the document management space. This time Fujitsu takes the limelight with its new scanning to iPhone and iPad functionality not to mention Chatter and Google Docs, Nuxeo previewed v5.5, while EntropySoft upgraded Content Hub. Perceptive and AssureSign have also signed a partnership agreement.

Fujitsu’s iPad Scanning

In the imaging space this week, Fujitsu announced capabilities for sending scanned paperwork to the  iPad and iPhone, in addition to new functionality allowing users to upload scanned documents to a wide range of cloud-based services.

With the launch of its first official app for both the iPad and iPhone -- "ScanSnap Connect" -- consumers have an easier way to send and store their scans to their mobile device, and organizations have a flexible solution to assist with collaboration between colleagues and business partners.

Furthermore, ScanSnap now enables users to scan documents to Salesforce Chatter and SugarSync, in addition to the scanner's cloud services support for Evernote and Google Docs, giving users more flexibility to store, share and gain access to their paperwork.

The ScanSnap range are all capable of supporting the new enhancements and current users can update their existing software using the built-in online update feature accessible from the ScanSnap icon help menu that resides in the task tray or dock. ScanSnap Connect can be downloaded to the iPhone or iPad through the iTunes App Store.

EntropySoft Upgrades Content Hub

EntropySoft has announced the availability of an upgraded Content Hub with v5.2

Out-of-the-box features for both the Professional and Enterprise Editions include SharePoint portal integration with web parts, Microsoft Office integration, CMIS and WebDAV support, clustering/failover and UI and performance improvements.

Built on more than 40 EntropySoft Content Connectors, Content Hub delivers centralized access to all document repositories, whether on-site or in the cloud. It federates content silos into one virtual repository shared by all applications so users can work and search.

It also brings content federation to Microsoft SharePoint by enabling access to more than 40 content management systems through EntropySoft’s new web parts.

As a result, SharePoint users can have access to and work with the connected content management systems to create, modify or delete documents, change permissions and metadata in the 40+ supported systems (EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet and Oracle UCM, among others). All this is done through a normalized SharePoint experience.

Advanced federated search features are now available to SharePoint Enterprise Search to more easily find documents in Content Hub-connected repositories. SharePoint Enterprise Search can execute centralized search against connected applications. Because these applications have their own search engines, Content Hub can also execute a distributed search and send the results back to SharePoint.

Content Hub 5.2 will be available for general release in November 2011.

Nuxeo 5.5 Social DM

Meanwhile, if you missed our coverage of Nuxeo’s annual conference, there were a couple of interesting announcements made, as well as a some thought-provoking papers.

One of the announcements was the impending release of v5.5, due to happen in the middle of next month. The focus of v5.5 is making document management and collaboration more social. While there are many improvements in this new version and many more promised for v6.0 -- which will be released in the middle of next year -- the principal themes in this new release are: Making it easier for the users to use, and social document management.

The problem with the existing system, according to Nuxeo software engineer Benjamin Jalon, is that there were too many tabs in the interface for all the different types of information.

Voice Documents as Content

Another interesting subject that came up during the week is the role of “voice” and documents. By that we meant, to all intents and purposes, ‘”voice documents."

Paul Bryan, a user experience strategist, and founder of Usoraphy, asked, what will happen to voice after Skype was bought by Microsoft?

Will voice content finally grow up and be counted among the other types of documents produced by Microsoft Office and managed by content management systems (CMS)?

Perceptive, AssureSign Partner

Meanwhile, Perceptive, which make ImageNow document management, imaging and workflow software, has announced that the company has partnered with AssureSign, an electronic signature vendor, to add electronic signature to its other DM capabilities.

The primary purpose of the partnership is to give users the ability to share content electronically with other ImageNow customers and external partners, allowing them to review, approve, authorize and sign documents.Integration between the solutions will allow users to capture, review, version and sign and store documents.

You may recall that Perceptive was bought by imaging giant Lexmark some time ago and operates as a standalone unit in Lexmark. Question now is whether this will give AssureSign access to other Lexmark products? Very lucrative if it does.