Document Mgt Roll-up: IBM Offers Better Mobile Access + Alfresco Cloud Goes GA

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This week IBM released Content Navigator that enables users to access documents on the go, Alfresco’s cloud offering leaves beta and goes on general release,Accusoft offers a scanner for Android, FileHold and Cirilab Partner for unstructured content analysis,and Australian AsdeqLabsoffers repository access through iPad.

IBM’s Content Navigator

This week IBM introduced new software that while not specifically for document management, will definitely make it easier for mobile workers to access, manage and edit their documents on the road.

While there are many companies that can do this, this is IBM so it is also offers users access to analytics -- Big Data analytics -- to take whatever insights they can from the content and information they have in their silos.

IBM Content Navigator gives employees access to a broad range of documents, records, images and other relevant content. Built on open standards like HTML5 and CMIS,it offers a consistent user experience across a variety of mobile devices, operating systems and content sources, allowing employees across all lines of businesses to access, manage, contribute and share.

In addition to the collaboration and mobile capabilities IBM Content Navigator delivers, the underlying platform was built for easy customization; employees can set up document collaboration areas themselves with minimal help from the IT department. This self-provisioning capability allows departments such as sales, human resources, finance or legal to customize the solution for their specific business needs. Interested in more?

Accusoft’s USB Scanner

Also this week, document imaging vendor Accusoft released Accusoft USB Scanner, an application that allows Android users to connect a scanner to their tablet device via USB. It claims that this is a first-to-market product.

The Accusoft USB Scanner application enables Android mobile device users to scan directly to their device via USB. It can scan single or multi-page documents to PDF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP formats, and allows users to share to typical sharing apps like Gmail.

On top of that, the documents can be scanned directly from within Gmail, Google Drive, Evernote, Box and Skype allowing the users to skip the step of launching a separate app to scan.

The Accusoft USB Scanner application can also integrate into workflows. What’s even better is that it’s cheap. It is available for US$ 9.99 on Google Play. A fully-functional free trial version is available as well.

Alfresco in the Cloud Goes GA

Not exactly ground-breaking,but interesting nevertheless, Alfrescoannounced this week that its cloud servcie has finally come out of beta and is now for general release.

Users can sign up for the cloud service with a corporate email address, and receive 10GB of free storage. The company said that more than 15,000 companies, from over 160 countries, had signed up to participate in the beta.

Functionalities of the SaaS version of Alfresco include the ability to use mobile devices to access content without having to do so through a virtual private network. The company also said that the cloud version can be used as a file sharing and collaboration application, replacing USB drives for sharing, or it can be used in a hybrid fashion with the on-premises version of Alfresco Enterprise.

Learning Opportunities

FileHold and Cirilab Partner

Meanwhile, document management software vendor FileHold Systems and Cirilab have announced a partnership to automate the process of analyzing and structuring large amounts of unstructured text and transitioning it into a secure, searchable document library.And it sounds pretty cool.

Cirilab has developed content analysis tools that accelerate the process of deciphering and extracting the relevant knowledge contained in individual documents. These tools have the capability of explaining to users what a document is about, the main concepts it covers, and what knowledge it provides on those concepts.

Using the data captured from this analysis the documents are then imported into FileHold document management software and the tags are captured as document metadata..

The end result is the mass conversion of unstructured text into a user-friendly, secure, version controlled library assembled into knowledge silos. Once in FileHold the documents can be linked to other documents, be put into workflows for sharing and collaboration, or redacted for controlled distribution.

AsdeqLabs’ Repository Access

Finally this week, a small note from down under. Australian software developer AsdeqLabs has released the first version of its AsdeqDocs application for accessing documents from enterprise repositories.

No biggie there except that it works on the iPad with support for a wide range of devices planned in the coming months. It also works with most repositories including SharePoint as well as Oracle WebCenter, HP TRIM, Nuxeo and OpenText.

What’s also interesting, and what really caught our eye, is that the company, which only set up in 2010, was incorporated in 2011, aims to expand from its Melbourne base to San Francisco later this year. One to watch.