Another mobile content collaboration platform? Big Deal! Except this is from IBM, and while we know that IBM does collaboration quite well already, the difference with the newly released IBM Content Navigator is that it also integrates with its data analytics and Big Data capabilities, making it a pretty formidable tool for workers on the road.

Mobile Content Access

Basically this is a new IBM mobile platform with a couple of added extras that will really give it some muscle.

We don’t really need to go into the importance here of access to information via mobile device; study after study has shown, if sales of smartphones and tablets were not enough to convince.

But there’s all kinds of access, and if you are working in an enterprise that has some of IBM’s bigger on-premises solutions than you’re really going to miss them if you can’t get into them remotely.

The new Content Navigator applies itself to this problem and gives users access to documents, records, images and other relevant content on the road.

Content Navigator

It is built around open standards like HTML5 and CMIS to ensure that where ever you access the content from, the user experience is going to be the same, no matter what operating system you are using, or content source you are trying to get into.

While many mobile platforms are built with this in mind, some are better at it than others. However, this -- and it is another differentiator -- is built to make customization easy. Users can create document collaboration spaces with minimal, or even no help, from the IT department.

This enables an enterprise to deploy the platform and then allow each of the different departments in the enterprise to customize it according to needs.

And while IBM doesn’t talk about security here, it appears to have passed the practical test as it cites a number of enterprises that are using it, even the State of North Dakota that anticipates sharing critical information across state and local agencies.

Analytics and Search for Big Data

On top of this, IBM says content analytics and enterprise search capability are an integral part of the Content Navigator experience -- Enterprise Search v3.0 and Content Navigator are integrated into a unified platform.

With it users will be able to locate content across IBM and third-party repositories with thumbnail representation of content, facets, summaries and term highlighting.

It can use natural language processing as well as semantic search and sentiment analysis to provide better results and insights from content like documents, reports, emails and other enterprise applications.

It has also thrown into the equation InfoSphere BigInsights integration that enables users to take meaning from the vast amount of structured and unstructured content in the enterprise to provide concise insights.

Again, IBM appears to be promoting this in the public sector especially as the examples of areas it might be used in include crime intelligence, healthcare and insurance claims, and customer care -- all a core part of the Smart Cities Initiative.

But this will be good for any IBM enabled enterprise especially those with large mobile workforces. If you want to find out more about IBM analytics check out the video: