This week, only a couple of weeks after upgrading its document management software, Nuxeo offers digital signatures, LibreOffice schedules an enterprise release for August, Google Docs outlines medium terms projects, PSIGEN offers more for SharePoint and Primadesk provides document search wherever your documents are stored.

Nuxeo Offers Electronic Signature

Only a couple of weeks after Nuxeo (news, site) upgraded its document management software to 5.4.2, it has added another small feature that enables users signing off on PDF files.

It now offers a Digital Signature add-on component that provides a secure electronic method for signing PDF files in Nuxeo DM and verifying the signatures with a digital certificate in a PDF reader.

When used with Nuxeo Document Management, the Digital Signature option helps to ensure compliance and audit trails, and replaces paper-intensive signing with more efficient electronic processes. The new component:

  • Creates password-protected, reusable digital certificates
  • Enables multiple Nuxeo DM users to digitally sign a PDF document
  • Attaches digital certificates to documents

The Digital Signature component is available as a Nuxeo Marketplace package, to be installed in a Nuxeo Document Management application. Nuxeo Connect subscribers can download and install it via the in-product Update Center.

LibreOffice Schedules Enterprise Release

Undeterred by Oracle’s announcement recently that it was handing to Apache, the Document Foundation (TDF) (news, site) has announced it is getting closer to a stable release that can be used in the enterprise.

With the recent release of v3.4.0, TDF said that it was sorting through final bugs in v3.4, that it would be releasing 3.4.1 next month in which all the final bugs will be regulated and that in August it will release version 3.4.2, which will be stable enough to use across the enterprise.

TDF has now grown from 20 initial members to over 120. According to Italo Vignoli, a Steering Committee member and a spokesperson for TDF, the majority of these contributors have started to hack LibreOffice code less than eight months ago. He also says that the OOo project attracted a lower number of contributors in ten years than LibreOffice has in eight months since it was formed.

The first release of the 3.4 series, LibreOffice 3.4.0, is targeted to community members and power users, and not for a corporate environment. The Document Foundation has explained that following its time-based release schedule, the best releases for such deployments start from x.x.1

The Future of Google Docs?

Here’s something you don’t see very often. It’s not exactly clear why they did it, but five members of the Google Docs team held an open Q&A session for Google Docs uses on Reddit, which covered issues around Google Docs now and Google Docs into the future.

Over the course of five hours, they took questions from users that give some idea of where Google Docs might be going, and what the current biggest concerns are around it. Among the teasers were:

  • A lot more time will be spent on mobility in the future to improve its functionality including native editing.
  • Currently, users can print documents over the Internet to a connected printer using Chrome OS, but this will be added to multiple platforms in the future.
  • Offline support is on the way.
  • A better version of the existing Cloud Connect plug-in to Microsoft Office, which will allow you to open and edit Word, Excel or Powerpoint files in Docs.

There’s a lot more here about Google Docs in the medium term, so if you’re interested in more, check out the thread here.

PSIGEN Offers New Feature Set for SharePoint

Meanwhile, PSIGEN (news, site), which offers SharePoint scanning and capture has announced the release of an Enhanced Feature Set for SharePoint, which focuses on automated document routing and Managed Metadata.

PSI:Capture now allows dynamic routing to SharePoint sites, libraries and folders, as well as setting content type and file naming based on document characteristics.

Along with routing enhancements, it also comes with the ability to populate the SharePoint Term Store based on information extracted from documents. If you want to find out more, check out the website.

Search Docs with Primadesk

Finally, Primadesk has announced the integration of search, drag & drop and viewing documents from one location, from deals struck with Dropbox, Google Docs, Pogoplug, SugarSync and Zoho services.

With it, users are offered the ability to search, manage, and backup online accounts with one simple interface, no matter where the content is, or what device is used.

Primadesk says it is the only service of its kind that lets users have access to all of their online content in one place, drag and drop content from one service provider to another, and perform fully indexed search across all documents regardless of where they are located. It’s still in beta so you can still try it out for free.