Document Mgt Roll-up: New Doc Search for iPad, Are Your Excel Docs Safe?

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This week, EntropySoft enables easier document transfer in its upgraded Content Hub, GimmalSoft offers records management for SharePoint and looks for DoD certification, Flash may be causing problems for users of early Office suites through Excel, while Snowbound and Square9 give mobile documents new functionality.

EntropySoft Upgrades Content Hub

EntropySoft (news, site) has announced the release of version 5 of its Content Hub, which not only connects a whole list of enterprise content management systems, but also enables users to synchronize documents between those same systems.

Deployable as both an on-premise version or in the cloud, with it EntropySoft says that document transfers can be done in either the cloud or on an enterprise network and that people who are using the documents will be able to manage the transfers themselves without IT intervention.

Content Hub also comes with a new user interface that facilitates the way users connect the repositories and improves document transfer monitoring.

It has added a repository discovery feature that allows Content Hub to connect to all repositories on a server or server farm. This feature is currently available for Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and IBM P8.

Just a final word in relation to EntropySoft. The company has announced that it has closed a US$ 3.5 million funding round.

The company, founded in 2005, plans to use the money to further boost its technological expertise, grow its sales team and increase its US presence.

SharePoint Records Management with GimmalSoft

There will a number of records management releases this week at the AIIM/Info360 conference in Washington this week. One of those is with SharePoint and Colligo (news, site), which is teaming up with GimmalSoft (news, site), which is currently looking for DoD 5015.2 certification for its Compliance Suite.

With this partnership, Colligo will be offering email management, but this time with the GimmalSoft Compliance Suite, a native SharePoint records management system.

By incorporating Colligo Contributor, GimmalSoft will also be able to offer email management to its clients, which consist of companies in both the public and private sector that specifically need a DoD 5015.2-compliant platform.

GimmalSoft provides enterprise-level content and records management, but does so from inside SharePoint rather than from outside it, as is the case in many SharePoint integration packages. Interested in more?

Is your Flash Player a Problem?

While Microsoft has spent a lot of time working on and promoting Office 2010, in recent days it has issued a warning for users of Office 2007 to install and run a tool to protect themselves against attacks that are exploiting an unpatched bug inAdobe's Flash Player.

Writing on the Microsoft Security Research and Defense blog, Andrew Roths and Chengyun Chu said that, for users of Office prior to 2010, the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) can help.

"Turning on EMET for the core Office applications will enable a number of security protections called 'security mitigations,'" they wrote.

Learning Opportunities

Earlier in the week,  Adobe confirmed that attackers were exploiting an unpatched bug in Flash Player by sending potential victims malicious Microsoft Excel documents.

However, the blog adds that the version of Excel that comes with Office 2010 is not susceptible to the attacks, as the Protected View function isolates malicious files inside a "sandbox" that prevents attack code from escaping the application. If you want to find out more about this, check out the blog

Square9 Offers iPad Doc Search

For mobile devices this week, Square 9 Softworks has announced its Square 9 (news, site) GlobalSearch App for the Apple iPad.

Offering mobile access to SmartSearch, the company's document management software, the new app is a native iOS app that allows users to run remote searches for documents stored within SmartSearch, filter the Archives to be searched, print and e-mail records and perform user-initiated workflow actions such as document approvals.

At the core of the Square 9 GlobalSearch App is GlobalSearch, a technology that lets users run "Google-like" searches for documents. It allows users to search for records across a database or only on select Archives to limit results.

Regardless of what is selected, the app can look across a SmartSearch database with the results categorized by Archive. Square 9 Softworks will introduce GlobalSearch into its core product offering later in 2011.

The Square 9 GlobalSearch App will be available in App Store in April as a free download available to members of the Square 9 Softworks community who are using the SmartSearch Web XChange option.

Snowbound Releases New Viewer App

Finally, more document help from Snowbound (news, site), this time with an off-the-shelf real-world mobile viewing application for Android smartphones and tablets created using the RasterMaster Java SDK. The Java-based app offers zooming and rotation to get the required information on-screen in the most useful perspective.

Snowbound already offers a range of document imaging, conversion and viewing software and the Android app joins iPhone and iPad plus desktop versions. Able to view just about any type of document file, users who need to check something out in a hurry or on-the-go can do so with a minimum of fuss.The new app is being unveiled at the AIIM OnDemand Expo 2011 this week.

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